Witty Inventions- Meet Anki Cozmo Robot Pet

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When Robots have a wonderful relationship with people. Anki Cozmo Robot Pet says it all

Cozmo is a brilliant Smartest inventions on robots. When Robots have a wonderful relationship with people, it creates an awesome feeling. It is operated/ controlled by an app installed to any sdk card that can be accessed through any smartphone or a computer. Not all A.I.-powered bots need to be virtual assistants: Some can just keep us entertained like cozmo by improving our robotic playtime intelligence.

The baseball-size wheeled robot has a facial-recognition camera behind its friendly OLED eyes which allows it to learn and recognize the surrounding environment. This sophisticated machine’s learning through programmed tools by developers has taught it a host of new tricks that helped Cozmo’s personality to evolve tremendously. It can clearly behave like a live being and can perform several things that it is commanded to do.

Cozmo costs approximately $180

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