Best Five Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews 2018

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Pests are enemies to humans and also the human environment. Apart from the germs they bring along that cause diseases, they are a nuisance in attacking and destroying foods. Others like rodent and mice are known to get into closets and destroy clothes and whatever else they can find since everything they come across becomes food to them.

Ultrasonic is the latest and modern way of repelling pests from the human environment such as homes and offices. The repellers are safe to human and pets but irritating to pests because of the high-frequency noise of high pitch that can only be heard by insects and rodents. Ultrasonic is the latest non-chemical technology that repels pests effectively and efficiently but safe to use.

How Does Ultrasonic Work?

The sound emitted by ultrasonic repellers is of high frequency that irritates pests by driving them into frenzy and confusion. If they don’t run for their lives, they end up convulsing to death.

Since the ultrasonic is electrically powered, it is advisable to keep it away from the reach of children when plugged in.

  1. Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent (CraveG)

CraveG ultrasonic repellent is a repeller to rodents, roaches, mosquitoes, lizards and other kinds of pests. Like most of the other ultrasonic repellers, it is safe for children and pets. In fact, it is the most reliable way to get rid of pests compared to all other different methods in the market including traps. This technology is non-chemical and odorless. It can, therefore, be used in the kitchen and food stores.

Most of the pests-killers deal with one particular pest and not any other. But, with CraveG, it is made to repel all kinds of pests that are around it. Just plug in the CraveG into the power outlet, switch it on, and then leave it to work. Its effect is active in an area of 200m2. It might take one or two days to notice the impact if the place is infested with pests. For full results two to three weeks is enough to clear everything, again depending on the intensity of infestation.


  • Content – 2.24 ounces
  • Dimensions 3.9” x 2.7”x 2.3”
  • One speaker



  • As long as it is plugged in, it will work effectively
  • It is odorless
  • It is non-chemical
  • Unlimited duration of use
  • No maintenance needed
  • Works 24/7 365 days when electrically connected
  • One for all pests repeller
  • Limited to power use only
  • Ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate walls and therefore have one for each room


  1. Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pest Soldier is an ultrasonic pest repeller which has been made for the sake of modern times to repel pets by producing varying ultrasonic sounds that pets cannot stand to hear. Since it is a non-chemical, it is friendly to human, pets, and the environment.

It is a great repeller in a humane way against all kinds of pests such as cockroaches, rodents, mice, spiders, bugs, and ants. It does not kill but drives away all types of pests leaving a clean environment without any stench of dead mice or rodent.

What is good about this device is the way the frequency can be adjusted depending on pests’ infestation intensity.

The Pest Soldier is sold in a set of four making it economical compared to most others.


  • Two speakers for ultrasonic
  • Power – 5-6W
  • Content – 8 ounces
  • Power source AC 90-250V
  • Ultrasonic frequency 22-65KHz
  • Standard plug-in
  • An unblinking night light that can be switched off



  • Environmental friendly
  • Effective in repelling all pests within a few days
  • Tough on pests but harmless on human and pets
  • A high effective ultrasonic frequency that is adjustable
  • Does not cover wide area necessitating placement of more in different areas
  • It does not use any other power apart from electrical only


  1. Aspectek 5-in-1 Home Sentinel

This ultrasonic pest repeller has sophisticated combination technology that makes it even more powerful. The repeller uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound, ionic purification, and electromagnetic frequency signal. All these are used for the purpose of targeting all types of pests and driving them away.

The high-frequency ultrasonic sound is quite disturbing to insects and rodents but not to human ears, and neither is to the pets. Since they cannot stand the annoying eerie sound which is frequent and nonstop, they run away from it.

The Ionic purification creates and imitated atmosphere of a storm that is about to happen by placing electrically charged atoms into the environment. Pests will then look for shelter but away from the high-frequency noise.

The Electromagnetic signals in the atmosphere vibrate and disturb insects’ receptors and irritate the nervous system of the rodents causing them to flee.

With the combination of these three, no pest can withstand them all no matter how resistant they might be. The pests get irritated and disturbed to flee from this disturbing environment.

This repeller covers an area of 1,200sq feet around it. But, the ultrasonic waves and frequency don’t penetrate walls, and therefore other extra repellers should be placed in each of the other rooms.


  • It uses a Nightlight that can be turned off. Otherwise, it comes on automatically when dark
  • Three led function status light for Ionic, Electromagnetic, and Ultrasonic
  • Pet-friendly switch for selecting on and off
  • Nightlight sensor switch for selecting on, off, and continuous
  • One speaker
  • Active in an area of 1,200sq ft
  • Calibration for ultrasonic frequency



  • Works in a combination of three methods unlike others that use only one
  • Covers a large area of 1200 sq feet
  • A calibrated ultrasonic frequency for efficiency
  • A smart light that has automatic control to sensor night and day to switch on and off
  • Economic and eco-friendly
  • Ultrasonic sound inaudible to human and pets
  • Electrically powered which makes it limited to electricity only
  • Its effectiveness cannot penetrate walls making it limited to one room


  1. MaxiMoxie Ultrasonic Pests Repeller

Here is another ultrasonic pest repeller that has found a place in this review meaning it has been scrutinized using clients ratings, features, and reviews. These reasons give it a place among the best five ultrasonic pest repellers.

Even though this one seems to be a bit expensive compared to others, its value overrides that as many users have reviewed. Its patented system of ultrasonic is effective in disturbing and disorienting pests by confusing them due to its high-frequency sound only audible to them. The ultrasonic sound creates an unfriendly environment to pests causing them to flee as far as possible from it.

Even though it is highly effective for all pests including rodents, it is safe and inaudible to human and pets. It is an excellent alternative to chemical anti-pests being that it does not use any chemical and therefore making it eco-friendly. Since it does not emit any odor, it cannot affect anyone who is sensitive to smell.

It is not unusual to notice an increase of pests around the coverage area of ultrasonic in the first few days of its use. It then means the pests have been disturbed from their hiding places and therefore coming out to look for a safe place. However, within a week they will start to flee away.

It comes with a guarantee of money refund if for any reason one does not like it.


  • The service life of 5 – 6 years
  • Size – 2.2” x 1” x 3.5”
  • A speaker for ultrasonic sound audible to pests only
  • A night light that gives a soft glow with a switch on and off
  • Frequency range – 20KHz to 65KHz
  • Power – 6 to 8 watts
  • Input Voltage – 90V – 120V



  • A long service life that is effective and economical
  • Effective to all kinds of pests using only one product unlike the chemical products where each is for a particular pests
  • Safe for children and pests
  • It has multiple ultrasonic frequencies which are effective for all kinds of pests
  • Large area coverage of 1,200 sq feet
  • Sold in a pack of 2 saving time for another purchase
  • Does not penetrate solids like walls or furniture
  • Limited to electric power only


  1. Qwesen Ultrasonic Pests Repeller

The high frequency of this type of repeller is inaudible to human and most pets but has a disconcerting loud sound to pests. The sound waves attack the hearing and nervous system of all kinds of pests giving them frenzy and confusion.

Its stronger effect is due to its high-quality technology in its mechanical settings which have incorporated dual microchip technology for double power and double guarantee. This added advantage gives it high effectiveness and efficiency in repelling rodents and other pests.

Qwesen Ultrasonic Pests Repeller is effective and efficient in a coverage area of 1,200 sq feet.

The installing point should be an open area away from any deterring objects like solids and even material like curtains and carpets for better results.

In larger areas such as factories, several units should be used for effectiveness and better results.


  • Led soft pulsating blue smart light
  • An input voltage of 90V – 250V
  • Output frequency – 22KHz to 65KHz
  • Coverage area – 1,200 sq feet
  • The material used – ABS (Thermoplastic polymer with no exact melting point)



  • Effective against all household pests including all kinds of insects, small animals like rodents, bats, and lizards
  • Dual microchip technology for double power
  • Multi-frequency ultrasonic sound waves of high performance
  • Easy to install
  • Covers a large area of 1,200 sq feet with no wall separation
  • Eco-friendly since it is non-toxic, chemical free, odorless making it safe for both human and pets
  • Cannot penetrate solids such as walls and furniture and therefore each room should have its own Qwesen Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  • Limited to electrical power usage


The best ultrasonic pest repellers review has been achievable due to various reasons mostly from the different customers who have actually used it. For the user who would prefer the most effective and most efficient one with or without looking at the price tag, Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent (CraveG) is the best choice. It is the most popular with the most significant number of users and also the best rated. Also, considering the features and its advantages to the user, these are what place it to the top among the five best ultrasonic pest repellers.

If considering the low budget and yet effectiveness, Qwesen Ultrasonic Pests Repeller takes it all. The reviews, the ratings, and the features give it a place in the best five ultrasonic pest repellers. After going through the analysis, the customer is at liberty to choose what is most preferable and most suitable. Therefore, the customer is best placed to make the final verdict.


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