Best Tummy Control Shapewear Reviews 2018

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Shapewear has taken the modern world with a bang! Walking in the street and watching the hour-glass shapely women one may not be blamed when they think there is a new creation of shapely bodies in the making. Without realizing the secret behind it, it is hard to notice there is a ‘body shaper’ under the garments.

No one would wish to reveal this secret easily, and the wearer of shapewear would want to hoodwink people that, that is their natural body. After all who wouldn’t? The bottom line here is having the body shape every woman craves to have. Now that the secret is out, no one should be left behind in this.

Nevertheless, a careful selection with a proper guideline is what will lead to the best shapewear while out there shopping for one.

Shapewear Shopping Guidelines

  • The Type

Either it is real shopping, or it is through the internet, many types of shapewear may easily confuse or mislead the one intending to purchase one. There are different types of body shapers such as two-piece body shapers, full overall body shapers and thigh-hip-tummy shapers that ride beyond the tummy. These are among the many types out there. It is up to the wearer to select what they want considering the targeted part of the body that highly needs to be shaped.

  • Size

Size of the shapeware should be exactly right. Not overly big since it will not serve the purpose of shaping the body and not too small as it can be uncomfortably tight.

  • Fiber

Check for the type of fiber used on the shapewear as some can irritate the skin owing to the fact that these shapers are worn directly on the skin. There are those people who are allergic to latex and therefore should be careful to check whether the fabric has a mixture of it.

  • Design

Before purchasing the shapeware, the user should carefully check the design. How are straps done or how is the seam done or even how does it close? These are some of the many questions one should ask when browsing through the many shapewears.

  • Price Tag

Lastly, check on the price tag as some are just above expensive and probably have the same features as others that are lowly priced.

In this review, all these guidelines have been considered and used to select the five best tummy control shapewear. Feel free to browse through the analysis and rest assured these shapers are the top rated and also the customers’ best choice among many.

  1. Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

The shapewear is of smooth lacy fabric which is elastic and therefore clings to the midsection creating beautiful curves and a shapely body. Despite it sticking to the body and accentuating the shape, yet it is not too tight to breathe.


Bali Women’s Shapewear is made from polyurethane-based fiber that is also known as elastane or spandex, which means that the fabric is stretchy. It is 72% Nylon and 28% spandex. The cups of this shapewear are seamless but softly lined with underwire for a firm hold-up support and covering. The shapely bottom which clings to the body as well is seamless.

It is a beautiful flowery lace designs which stretches with firmness to give the wearer breathable comfort. The lycra flowered fabric clings to the body firmly to enhance the body shape. The closure is in hook and eye.

Wearing Bali Shapewear is enough as an undergarment. Even the bra part is firm enough to need another one under the shapewear.

For washing, it is a hand wash that does not need hard scrubbing or wringing since it is lacy and therefore requires special care when washing. No bleach and no dry clean, please.

It comes in three colors which are black, white, and rosewood.



Underwire cups with soft lining provide firm hold-up to the breasts

The spandex fabric clings to the body with elasticity enhancing the body shape

Designed in seamless to offer a high-quality finish

Can be used as an undergarment

Smooth and beautiful flowery lace for a great look

The lace material needs to be handled with much care as it can tear easily

Pricey for large sizes

  1. Camellias Women’s Seamless Firm Control Shapewear

This shapewear is a body shaper with an open bust. It is a firm-hold shapewear ideal for the post-pregnancy flabby belly. No more stress when a new mother needs to fit in those shapely clothes or slacks. The shapewear can assist the wearer in losing weight quickly for that special occasion.


The fabric is a combination of spandex, latex, and nylon. This combination helps to burn fat when wearing the shapewear and therefore slim the tummy, waist, and hips. The firm control accentuates the body by curving out the attractive shape. The zip closure tightens the shapewear to cling fittingly to the body.

The lining around the breast line helps to lift and hold the breasts firmly to fit in well to a bra comfortably. With the reduced waistline and the uplifted bust, the wearer will experience confidence when stepping out in fashionable wear.



Ideal for post pregnancy wear

The open bust and zip closure is ideal for breastfeeding mothers

Good for losing weight

Straps are adjustable and removable

It is available in thong or panty style

Smooth, stretchable, and comfortable fabric

The zip closure is helpful when visiting the wash room

The latex material causes sweat and can easily smell

The thong shapewear can be a bit uncomfortably tight

Not suitable for latex allergic persons

  1. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear is one of those shapewear most sort after because of its flexibility when one is wearing it. It can fit any kind of shape and body structure without any problem or pressure on any body part.


Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear has the outer fabric made of 78% Nylon and 22% Elastane, the inner linning is 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane, and the crotch lining is 100% cotton.

For anyone wishing to reduce the midsection area of the body, this shapewear would be suitable for that. It can fit any size of body shape since it has straps that are adjustable. Also, the adjustable straps and the elastane fabric of the shapewear prevent any part of the body being subjected to hard pressure. Even while clinging to the body it flexibly fits the body without being overly tight.

It also shapes the bust by lifting it and providing smoothness without preventing the user from putting on their favorite bra.

The shapewear is not heavy to wear and can be worn all day long comfortably.

It is hand-washable without applying much pressure when washing. It should not be bleached and neither be ironed.



The shapewear is seamless for a smooth flow and to prevent skin irritation

The elastane fabric shapes the midsection of the waistline.

Available in different sizes

The fabric makes the shapewear firm and yet flexible

Hard to get a plus size shapewear

A little expensive for a large size

  1. Diane & Geordi 2396 Women Postpartum Girdle

What an excellent way to come out of pregnancy with Diane & Geordi girdle. It can also be worn as a C-section girdle or like a post-surgery garment for compression


The fabric used on this shapewear is firm and highly resistant. What makes the body shape to be accentuated is the bodies of this shapewear. It is a bust-lifter, a butt-lifter, a waist, and abdomen-holder while enhancing the hips. This shapewear adjusts to the size of the body which means it will not pressure the body beyond breathing point. Still, it will hold the body firmly to bring out the shape as it is supposed to be with that hourglass-figure.

Diane & Geordi is shapewear for all kinds of wears whether it is a mini, shorts or high-cut wears. It is also ideal for post-partum wear when a new mother is looking for something to tack in the loose tummy to bring it back to shape. It can be used as a girdle for a C-section post-partum or post-surgery because of the smooth hold and compression of the delicate section.

This bodysuit that is made in Columbia is of high quality with the strong Powernet for the shorts and reinforced seams that cannot split open no matter the pressure inflicted on them. The excellent design is created to be invisible and can even go unnoticed by the wearer. The straps are removable and adjustable to fit any size.



The bodysuit is created to shape every part of the body

With the right size, the shapewear adjusts to the body size and shape

It accentuates the body with the hourglass-figure

The shorts of the bodysuit is powered with a powernet for a strong firm hold

The seams of this shapewear are reinforced to prevent them from split opening while stretching to fit

The spaghetti straps are adjustable and also can be removed

The torso part of the bodysuit is long and ill-fitting to short size wearers

Inaccurate sizes

  1. Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer Smooth Wear

With Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer one cannot go wrong in making that choice. Having this shapewear which is a brand name in fashion products, one is assured of getting high-quality shapewear from them. The shapewear is designed to correct various flaws such as flabby tummy, misshapen butts, side handles, and a slouched back. This specially designed shapewear can easily fix such flaws that lower self-esteem in most ladies.


Its fabric is made from a combination of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. What does this mean? It means it is strong and durable to sustain any kind of a stretch. It is comfortable shapewear that can stretch to fit the wearer when using the right size. Unlike other shapewear that come with narrow straps, Sunzel’s straps are wide in a comfortable way which prevents the pressure that mounts the shoulders with thin straps.

It comes with its own bra such that the wearer doesn’t have to fumble around looking for one. For this reason, it is correct to say that it is complete all-in-one shapewear. It shapes the wearer with a 360 degrees round firm control for both back and abdomen.

The seams of this shapewear are made flat for the comfort of the wearer. The fabric used is safe for wearing direct on the skin without causing irritation.

Washing the shapewear is easy as all one needs is to do is squeeze it softly in soapy water then rinsing it to dry.



It is 4-way stretchable shapewear and flexible for any activity

It clings well to the body due to the kind of fabric used

The interior is safe to wear direct to the skin without causing irritation

It is unnoticeable under any wear

It has a firmness of 360 degrees

An inaccurate size that doesn’t sync with the size chart

The leg bands cut into the skin

Final Verdict

It is a bit difficult to make this final verdict since all these shapewears reviewed are the best, top-rated, and most purchased. However, there must be one that takes it all to be placed at the top of the others and this is Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace.

For the pocket-friendly one and which does not compromise its quality, Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer should be the best choice. This is just the reviewer’s verdict but, the last word remains with the user to pick their best.



The essence of wearing shapewear is to have that shapely look most desired by many women. There are body flaws here and there that lower self-esteem which can steal the joy in many women especially when walking among the hourglass shapely ladies. Owning a few of these shapewear so that there is one for each day can make much difference in creating self-confidence. Therefore, shapewear just like undergarments should be part of any lady’s wardrobe. However, the bottom line in all these is to have the right size that fits well to acquire the shape most desired.

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