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Facts About Roaches or Cockroaches

If there is something so disgusting to see in a house is a roach. The site of a cockroach in a room is spine-chilling to most people. How about when they are more than one? It can be a nightmare.

These insects can consume anything. But, their main attraction is to sugar, starchy foods, meat, cheese, and grease.

There are many different types of species of roaches in the world numbering to 4,300 species spread all over the environment. The most common known ones are five species mostly found in homes or in other pantry places. These are;

  • American Roach
  • Brown Banded Roach
  • German Roach
  • Smoky Brown Roach
  • Oriental Roach

Roaches can be a nuisance to get rid of them since they hide in the furthest corners of a room. Using roach killers that are not tough enough will make the roaches resistant to them. Instead of getting rid of them, they rapidly continue to reproduce. A female cockroach can hatch 48 eggs at a go in one capsule.

These statistics should not be worrying once shown how to get rid of cockroaches forever. An introduction will be given to the best roach killer for apartments and commercial kitchens or other places where roaches can encroach.

What is a Good Roach Killer?

A good roach killer is one that can gets rid of cockroaches forever without leaving any trace of them. What then is a suitable guide in choosing the best roach killer? Consider these four points; safety, effectiveness, application procedure, and the cost.

Reviews on the Best Roach Killers

Listed below are the four of the best rated and the best-priced roach killers.

  1. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Just like its name, it is a gel formulated for bait. Since it is well known what attracts roaches in the house is food, the gel also is made in a way it will attract roaches to it. Thinking it is food, they will gluttonously feast on this poisonous substance killing them within a short time.

This gel bait is an all roach species killer, and it kills them in a chain-like manner. Once one roach consumes the poisonous gel, the others get poisoned through eating feces from the poisoned roach or its carcass. The chain moves on and on until all the roaches are dead.

Each box of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait contains 4 tubes of 30mg. Each 30mg can yield about 60 applications placed on surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls, cracks, plumbing areas, under the sinks, cabinets, wardrobes, and any other susceptible areas of infestations. Therefore, it is long lasting and cost effective.

It can be used in areas of food handling both indoors and outdoors but away from sunlight, dust, and rain. Before application, clean away all food particles that can distract roaches from consuming the bait.



  • Effectively long lasting
  • Easily usable procedures
  • Highly effective on all species of roaches
  • Fast action
  • Effective on other creepy insects
  • Hazardous near food or drinks
  • With food particles around, the bait might not be effective as roaches would go for food particles


  1. Maxforce FC Magnum – Bayer

Magnum is a severe cockroach gel roach killer that kills by baiting the cockroaches. It is the latest in the market which is trusted for its fast killing action. It contains ContactX™ that effectively kills cockroaches through contact. It mainly attracts roaches as bait in ingestion.

The gel is packed in a syringe of 33 grams which is a bit more compared to other standard content of 30 mg. It can be effective even after one year after application. In that case, it will continue killing roaches long after the application.

One does not need to crouch down under the table and sits to look for roaches, all is needed is to use Maxforce FC Magnum. It is effective for killing American roaches, German roaches, and other insects found in food handling areas.



  • The effectiveness of this bait stays for up to one year after the initial application
  • Ideal in clearing off different roach species like German roaches and American roaches
  • Effective for a large infestation
  • It is a do-it-yourself, simple to use effective product that involves no pest control company
  • Less attractive to roaches as others may choose not to eat it.


  1. Combat Roach Killing Bait

This bait killer has an attractive smell that attracts roaches to it and to eat it. Once they consume the bait which contains Fipronil, a powerful poisonous insecticide, they take it with them back to their hiding places. The others get also poisoned from either getting in contact with the infected roach, eating the feces of the infected roach or even the carcass killing other hundreds of them.

After application, the bait remains effective for not less than three months 24/7. The bait should be applied to every station they visit or hide such as under the sink, around the fridges, kitchen door cracks, and any susceptible places.

It should always be remembered to place it away from the reach of children or pets because of the chemical involved which can harm them if consumed.



  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Kills almost all species of roaches including the irresistible American roaches
  • It is a chain-killer that kills other roaches in the hideouts when they get in contact with the baited cockroach.
  • Effective on other pantry pests
  • Not effective in killing German roaches
  • One application is not effective and must be repeated for areas with a colossal infestation
  • Harmful to pets


  1. Raid Small Roach Bait

Raid just like its name, it is small-roach bait. It deals with the small nuisance roaches that can be everywhere at the same time. It kills the baited roaches within a very short time.

The good thing about this bait is it deals with roaches in all their life cycle stages and also sterilizing the female adults.



  • Sterilizes the female and therefore cutting the reproduction
  • Effective in terminating the whole life cycle of a roach
  • The effectiveness of the bait will be noticeable in just a week after application
  • Kills other bugs that are baited to it


  • Not effective on the family of big roaches
  • Ineffective for larger infestation

Homemade Roach Killer

Even though this has been a traditional roach killing method that goes way beyond many years back that not many people know of its effectiveness. What stands out with these types of methods is their repellant. Yes, they repel-off the roaches but not kill them. The worst side of it is that the process is not a once-and-for-all use. You must repeat it night after night. Some of these little known ‘cockroach killer home remedies’ are:

  • Garlic
  • Cucumber
  • Mint oil


The best roach killer is the one that is harmful to the roaches and harmless to human and pets. Advion takes the day by having this quality. While it can consume the whole colony of cockroaches, it is safe to use.

It is also versatile to a wide species of roaches for both indoors, outdoors and all around your homestead.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait takes it all with its pocket-friendly pricing. It is great to use and great in saving. But, the final verdict remains with the consumer.



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