Best propane heaters review and buying guides

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When it is really cold, everyone looks for any means to get warm. Likewise a cold home could be unbearable and especially the garage area where one spends a lot of time doing some work. Most of these garage areas are built with less insulation or none at all, making it to be hard hit by cold more than the other parts of the house. Using electricity or wood for heating can rather be expensive and it might not be effective in giving the required warmth.

The best alternative then becomes the propane heater which is economical to use and also provides good controlled warmth.

The wide range of such propane heaters can really cause confusion when looking for one to purchase. It becomes worse when one doesn’t know which features to look for when searching for the best propane heater. Some of these heaters are expensive and shouldn’t make a mistake of buying the wrong one. While a few suppliers of these propane heaters might accept their products back and refund cash when one has made a blunder in buying the wrong one, a big number of them will not. Therefore, be cautious when purchasing a heater to avoid such a blunder.

The selection of these top five best propane heaters for garage was not done randomly but very carefully. Some pointers were used as guidelines to position these propane heaters in this review. These pointers are features, ratings, price, and the demand of the product.

  1. Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD 70,000 – 125,000 BTU Propane Heater

The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD is an ideal propane heater for a garage. It is able to heat up an area of 3,100 sq ft with much ease because of its use of a thermostat and its forced air heater system. Since it has a powerful blower it is able to uniformly supply heat in the entire 3,100sq ft effectively.

This exceptional high grade model is able to control overheating when using excessive energy due to its heat control system. The system is able to sense the amount of heat in a garage and stabilize it to the required heat if it is in excess.

It has an electronic ignition technology that starts immediately to generate heat through its forced air heaters once it is switched on. This brand is incomparable with other brands due its quality components and the way it is constructed giving it long durability.

It is ideal for large garages as it is able to cover a very large area of 3,100 sq ft and also other areas such as industrial work places, construction sites, outdoor events and other large areas.

Winter season is no longer felt with the use of this powerful propane heater that gives people freedom of movement while going on with their duties in a warm environment. Jostling one another at one place looking for warmth is a thing of the past with Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD. With its 70,000 to 125,000 BTU enough heat distribution is what it does.


  • Forced Air Heater that delivers performance in heating
  • 70,000 – 125,000 BTU
  • 3,100 sq feet coverage area
  • Continuous control of variable heat
  • Electronic ignition system for quick ignition
  • Powerful heat blower to evenly supply heat all over the place
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Overheat auto-shut system
  • 10 ft hose and regulator
  • Carrying handle



  • Covers 3,100 sq ft comfortably with enough heat
  • Powerful heat blower for supplying heat evenly all over the place
  • Auto-shut system when overheated preventing breakdown or fire accidents
  • Head angle that can be adjusted to any angle
  • Quick igniting for immediate heating
  • Variable heat control system to keep same amount of heat
  • Propane (LP) cylinder not included and therefore should be bought separately
  • Not sold to Canada and Massachusetts
  1. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Buddy Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy F23200 is made to heat up areas like garage and tent where electric heaters cannot be used. Other users would even prefer using a propane heater instead of an electric heater especially if it has to run on the whole night or day. Propane heater is economical to use in heating a room compared to using electricity.

Mr. Heater F23200 uses 4,000 to 9000 BTU to heat up an area of 225 sq feet comfortably and effectively. A 1 lb cylinder of propane is enough to heat an area of 200 sq feet such as a large camping tent. By the way, BTU (British thermal unit) is the traditional way of measuring heat.

Mr. Heater Buddy which is a compact propane heater is approved to be used in both indoor and outdoor since it produces ‘ideal burning’ meaning it emits clean air void of Carbon Monoxide and therefore present no danger in air poisoning. This approval then gives Mr. Heater Buddy all the right to be used in a garage for warmth and comfort.

About this particular propane heater, the manufacturer warns that the heater may shut off if operated at an altitude higher than 7,000 ft above sea level. This means then that it is not ideal for mountain camping on high altitudes. Something else that should be noted with Mr. Heater 23200 Buddy is that it auto shuts itself off if it detects low level of oxygen, tipped over, or if its pilot light goes off since it has ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor).


  • It has two adjustable heat settings – 4,000 and 9,000 BTU/hr
  • Piezo igniter, four control settings of low to hi heat
  • Handle fold-down to reduce space taken when storing it
  • Swivel regulator to connect LP cylinder and hose
  • The porcelain coated surface on its heating area is for radiant heat distribution to a wide area
  • ODS for low oxygen shut off and tip-over shut off
  • A mounted replaceable ceramic burner tile with shock absorbing insulation



  • A high radiant heat of 4,000 to 9,000 BTU/hr
  • Produces ideal burning which is clean burning without Carbon Monoxide
  • It does not need a lighter as it lights on its own using Peizo igniter
  • The handle can fold when storing it
  • Replaceable ceramic burner tile with shock absorbing insulation
  • Automatically shuts off when tipped over preventing causing an accident
  • Not ideal for altitudes higher than 7,000 ft above sea level as it will shut off on its own
  • With low gas it cannot light
  1. Avenger FBDFA60V Portable Forced Air Propane Heater

The Avenger FBDFA60V is a liquid propane powered heater. It uses heavy-duty kerosene for heating which is more economical to use unlike many other electrical heaters which are expensive to run.

The 60000 BTU Avenger is a torpedo heater and also a convection heater which produces a flame and the heat from this flame is blown out of the heater to the atmosphere using an in-built fan.

It provides portable heat that is instant when needed for garages, factories, construction sites and many other places that might need heating including even homes.

This propane heater has an automatic control system that can shut off immediately and when it detects any fault or the flame burns out. It does this for the safety against accidental fires.

Just like any other propane garage heaters, it will require ventilation even though it is safe to use. It has heat variable settings which can sense when the heat has gone up or low and it adjusts the heat to the requirement.


  • Variable heat settings
  • Heat angle that is adjustable
  • Push button for igniting the heater



  • It is economical to use since it uses kerosene and its heat energy
  • It start instantly due to ignition system it has
  • It does not have fixed levels of heating as it has variable heating settings
  • Safe to use on combustible floors
  • Its motor is thermally protected for durability
  • The LP cylinder sold separately
  1. Heater Corporation F299730 30,000 BTU Propane Heater

This heater uses liquid propane for energy in heating. Very ideal in cold seasons and especially during the winter when you cannot go out much. Most of the tasks are done in the garage which is the coldest part of the house. Most garages are built with very poor insulation and therefore cannot keep the cold where it belongs, outside.

Mr. Heater is a household brand and therefore one can’t go wrong with one of their brands. This one in particular is therefore suitable for such a situation.

This heater that produces Blue Flame with heat strength of 30,000 BTU, of Liquid Propane and Vent Free is the perfect alternative to heating solution whenever it is cold. The heater has an added thermostat to control the heat in a room. With the battery powered for ignition, starting it is no problem at all.

The product however, is not sold to Canada and California for a reason better known by the manufacturer. Mr. Heater cannot work on an altitude higher than 4,000 ft above sea level.


  • Runs on liquid propane
  • Electronic ignition
  • Variable output
  • Thermostat
  • Heats up 750 sq feet
  • Wall mounting hardware and legs available and included



  • The heat goes as far as 750 square feet and with a strength of 30.000 BTU
  • Automatic shut off when on low oxygen preventing the heater from overheating
  • The heater cannot be operated on an altitude beyond 4,500 ft above sea level.
  • Blue flame burner for heating the garage
  • This product is accessible to clients in Canada and California
  • The heater cannot be operated in altitude over 4,500 ft above sea level as its ODS will automatically shut it down
  • Customers complained over poor quality of wall fittings which break easily
  1. Dyna-Glo RMC-LPC200DG 50,000 to 200,000 BTU Liquid Propane Convection Heater

The convection heat from this particular propane heater which uses liquid gas is distributed all round 360 degrees. It heats the whole garage at once since it does not have to direct heat at one spot first.

Ideal for larger areas as it covers 4,700 sq ft. Areas that can be covered by this heater are construction sites, agriculture buildings, industrial work spaces, and other ventilated spaces. On a 100 lb liquid propane tank, it can go for 11 hours to as much as 43 hours depending on the level of BTU selected.

Whatever the size of the garage, this product has the solution. It has variable control of BTU either in a larger area or a smaller area.

The product meets all standards applicable and therefore it has been passed and approved by CSA for quality and safety requirements.

It comes with a warranty of one year protecting against defects either in workmanship or on the material used on it.


  • Runs on liquid propane
  • Covers up to 4,700 sq ft of heat
  • Auto safety shut-off when tipped
  • Includes 10’ hose and regulator



  • For such a big heater it is affordable
  • Covers are a large area of heat of 4,700 sq ft
  • Can be used on both outdoor or indoor for construction and commercial use
  • It heats in 360 degrees radius
  • It has variable continuous control of BTUs
  • Not good at directing heat at particular spot which most customers complained about


Propane heaters for garage vary in shapes, sizes and types just the way different needs for different people vary. They are therefore designed to meet all requirements in heating. Another major requirement is pricing which most customers value more than the others.

In that view then, the best propane heater is Dyna-Glo RMC-FA125DGD despite the price being higher than the rest. For the low budget without compromising the quality and good features, Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Buddy Propane Heater is the thing. This heater is a buddy and a darling of many customers by being the most rated of all the rest. Dyna-Glo RMC-LPC200DG 50,000 to 200,000 BTU Liquid Propane Convection Heater which takes position five is equally very good and covers a large area in heating. The fact that it cannot direct heat at one position made it to be placed at that position.

However, the verdict is for the customer to make. After all, the customer is the end user.

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