The Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Review for 2018

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What a mess the fall season brings along with leaves strewn all over the lawn. For those who cannot stand the mess, a leaf blower vacuum could be the solution. Forget about other tools like a rake, or just a leaf blower where one has to collect the leaves manually. The strewn leaves which are annoying can also be a blessing. They can be used for mulching and making compost for a kitchen garden. The best leaf blower vacuum with a shredder or a mulcher can clean a yard as well as give the user some mulch for compost.

During the fall season, every homeowner who has a yard and trees with falling leaves would need a leaf blower vacuum that can effectively clean a yard of all strewn leaves. Since it is not a one-time task, a good, productive and durable machine is what is required.

There are various types of leaf blower vacuums in the market that when intending to purchase one, confusion and stress sets in when the many kinds in the market are presented for selection. However, this issue shouldn’t be the case when one has a guide with factors to consider in selecting the best one.

Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Buying Guide

  • How is it Powered?

Knowing how a tool is powered is the leading factor. There are three power types of leaf blower vacuums which are electrical, gas, and battery.

Electrical powered leaf blower vacuums are ideal for smaller lawns since an extended power cord must be in use which also has limitations. Again operating on electricity can be uneconomical for larger yards. Gas powered leaf blower vacuums are ideal for larger yards since they are cordless but a little heavier. Battery powered leaf blower vacuums are cordless and suit both small and large yards.

  • Features

Features will tell everything about the leaf blower vacuum. Check for the size, weight, the noise of the tool, volume efficiency, and speed variations, impeller strength, reduction ratio, switching capability, nozzle size and design, other features such as the vacuum bag, and the warranty. With this kind of information, it is then easier to get hold of the best leaf blower vacuum.

The Top 5 Best Leaf Blower Vacuum

Since the buying guide has been given on the types of leaf blower vacuum and the factors to consider when buying one, this review simplifies the task of searching even further. The leaf blower vacuums in the market have been scrutinized and narrowed to the best five for ease of buying.

  1. Toro 51621 Ultra Plus Blower/Vacuum

The Toro 51621 is a powerful and versatile tool for leaf cleaning tasks. It has a variable air speed control up to 250 mph and a motor of 12amp. With this kind of power, apart from blowing regular leaves it can also clear debris, big leaves, and even twigs. It converts from a blowing to a vacuuming within seconds by using a quick release latch without using tools and mechanical knowledge. With its powerful mulcher, it mulches 97% of its debris to less than ½ an inch.


It is a 3 in 1 tool with an airspeed of 250 mph degree thanks to its 12amp motor. It has a tube for vacuum, concentrator nozzle, power insert, bottom zip bag, and a hook for the cord when storing. It has a variable speed control for both blower and vacuum. It has 350 CFM blow mode and a 410 CFM vacuum mode.

The new large metal impeller with patented shreds-all-shreds ring improves mulching to reduce 97% of it to just ½ an inch. It has an oscillating nozzle kit that can make a wide blowing path by automatically sweeping the air back and forth without wrist movement on hardscapes.

Apart from the main blower tube which is for blowing dry leaves, it has a power insert for wet, heavy leaves.  It can convert from being a blower to a vacuum by using a quick-release latch without using spanners and other tools. It also features an air horse which is top-rated compared to others in the market and a cord lock.



  • An easy to use leaf blower vacuum
  • The Toro leaf blower comes with a large metal impeller that improves mulching and driving power
  • Unlike other leaf blower vacuums where tools are needed to switch from a blower to a vacuum, this one uses a quick-release latch
  • With an airspeed of 250mph, it is a guarantee of power
  • It has the capacity of reducing 97% of the leaves mulched to a ½ inch or less
  • It is a lightweight machine
  • The extension cord is not included. It is sold separately
  • The bag is designed to capture only leaves and other debris but not dust.
  • Tall users have to bend to use it since the tube could be a bit short for them
  1. Worx WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

The Worx WG509 has two-stage powerful metal impeller plus blade for shredding leaves which provides a mulch ratio of 18:1. It is a 3-in-1 easy to use machine which is a blower, vacuum, and a mulcher. To switch between the three tasks one does not need to change tubes using tools, but to just flip a switch and it is done.

With Worx WG509, the user can balance it in one hand to control and maneuver it with much ease without tiring.

It has a vacuum mode of 350 CFM while the blower mode airspeed can be adjusted electronically from 75 to 210 mph when more power is demanded for far unreachable corners or areas.


The WG509 has a metal impeller and also a shredder blade which provides a mulch ratio of 18:1. It has a quick tube release for easy cleaning. A collection bag is an included feature which can hold mulch leaves the size of 1-bushel. Its 12-amp motor is powerful making this leaf blower a better alternative than having a gas powered leaf blower. It can do all the three tasks with ease of flipping from one task to the other by the use of a switch. It has a throttle for variable speed that controls and adjusts the airspeed from 75 to 210 mph for the heavy wet leaves and debris.



  • Fast, effective and efficient in blowing, vacuuming, and mulching
  • Ergonomic and lightweight for easy one-hand operation
  • Viable speed blower
  • An angled nose that enables the blower to reach under garden chairs and tables
  • The Worx Trivac switches easily between blower, mulching, and vacuum with just a switch
  • The reusable bag is not strong enough to carry the leaves and debris
  1. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

The B+D BV 5600 is a high performer blower vacuum mulcher that features a 250 mph blower that can thoroughly blow all leaves and debris in its way. It is ideal for sweeping and vacuuming hardscapes and garages off fallen leaves and other debris. The vacuum can suck up grass clippings, pine needles, twigs, and other bigger debris leaving the yard tidy and neat.  It is a two-speed 12amp motor engine that does its work with 50% less noise compared to other leaf blower vacuums.

With B+D 5600 the user can choose the speed to use. The blower mode and the vacuum mode can also be switched with less effort. It is a lightweight that weighs 8.1 lb and can mulch 16:1 ratio. It means that it can shred 16 bags of leaves down to 1 bag. When considering all these and the features as well, this leaf blower is one of the best in the market.


The B+D 6000 which has a motor engine of 12-amp can convert between the blower and the vacuum in seconds using a switch changing systems that requires no tools to do so. It has a metal fan of high impact mulches leaves on to an average ratio of 16 bags to 1 bag without clogging. It has a variable air speed of 180 to 250 mph that is powerful enough to blow and suck in wet, heavy leaves and other debris and yet get down to light-duty on gardens and flower beds. It is low noise measuring to decibel of 68 dBA. With its built-in cord retainer, the user can work without any interruption from the unplugged electrical cord. It comes with a one reusable leaf bag and other three disposable ones.



  • Affordable
  • It has an excellent power of 12-amp motor engine that does all the three tasks effectively
  • Converts between blowing and vacuuming with ease
  • Variable speed control for light duty and heavy duty tasks
  • 4-year warranty
  • Not sold with an extension cord
  1. Greenworks 2 Speed 230 MPH Corded Blower/Vacuum 24022

The Greenworks 24022 has a 12-amp motor engine making it a powerful blower and vacuum with a high impact blade for mulching. It is free from emitting carbon monoxide and therefore passed as safe to use. When looking for a quality blower/mulcher/vacuum, you are looking at Greenworks 24022. It will get the lawn or yard job done efficiently and fast leaving the user enough time to relax.

It is backed by a 4-year warranty which shows that the manufacturer is very sure about this product and has no doubt of it having any defects or fear of a breakdown. It is, therefore, a reliable leaf blower vacuum.

Since it is electrically powered, there is no fear of running out of gas with unfinished work or smoke emission. With Greenworks it is all clean work in less time.


The 12-amp blower vacuum has a high-quality mulching blade, with 2-speed control airspeed of 230 mph. The blower vacuum operates on 375 CFM and coverts from one task to the other with ease. It has a cord lock to keep the cord from unplugging when working. The handle of Greenworks is cushioned for a secure grip. The vacuum bag is sturdy and long durable. The Greenworks has a 4-year warranty which is an assurance of extended durability.



  • Affordable
  • It has an excellent power of 12-amp motor engine that does all the three tasks effectively
  • Switches between blowing and vacuuming with ease
  • Variable speed control for light duty and heavy duty tasks
  • 4-year warranty
  • The reusable bags are weak and tear easily
  • The blower barrel is short for a tall user and needs to bend while blowing
  1. BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Vacuum

This leaf blower and vacuum from BLACK+DECKER is battery powered which means it works cordless giving the user the most desired freedom of movement. It is useful in sweeping sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscapes off leaves, twigs, clipped grass and other debris. The machine is supported by a rechargeable battery of 40-Volt and 1.5Ah making it a powerful leaf blower vacuum. It is very light to carry with 5.4 lb which also can be handled by a lightweight user with much ease.

Apart from blowing debris and leaves, the user can convert it to vacuum mode quickly and with no hassle to mulch leaves and other debris into its collection bag. Since it is battery powered, it is low on noise giving a quiet environment when in operation. It can also loosen stuck-on and matted leaves or debris using its built-in scraper


It is lightweight with just 5.4 lb making it easy to carry around during use. It has speed variable controls that can adjust speed as required. Its soft handle provides a soft and firm grip for comfort during operation. The built-in scraper loosens stuck-on debris and matted leaves to sweep and vacuum them.

It is powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion battery which gives it more power to compete with other models effectively. It is trusted to last for long when working after fully recharging the battery, depending on the speed used. The battery takes about one hour to recharge fully.  The airspeed can go up to 120 mph.

It has power command controls that can switch between different speed to the desired one. It has a low noise while working rated at decibel 65 dBA.



  • For a battery powered leaf blower vacuum it is affordable
  • Since it is cordless, it is comfortable to move around while working without being entangled by the power cable.
  • A very light weight to carry around compared to other brands
  • Economical to use by saving the user on electricity bills.
  • Easy to operate features
  • Environmental and user-friendly from noise and gas spillage
  • Uses a lithium-ion battery which has a longer shelf-life and longer working charge compared to other batteries.
  • It is a 2-in-1 leaf blower vacuum without a leaves shredder


Giving positions to all these leaf blowing vacuums was deliberately done so that anyone wishing to make a purchase will be guided quickly and easily to a suitable one. It does not mean then the last positioned machine which is BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Vacuum is the least and the worst of them all. No, but because it has different features from the other four like being a cordless battery powered one. The fact that it is economical to use it supersedes the price tag which is slightly higher for its kind of leaf blowing vacuum.

Toro 51621 Ultra Plus Blower/Vacuum has been placed in position number one due to its best features, power and its velocity. However, looking at its price tag, one may notice it is expensive compared to the rest. The price is fair considering the high qualities of this classic leaf blower vacuum. Looking for a low-budget one, Greenworks 2 Speed 230 MPH Corded Blower/Vacuum 24022 would be the best solution. The features vary slightly from the higher ranked ones but, still, it is a perfect machine. However, the decision, the choice, and the last word remain with the user.

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