Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews 2018

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Hardwood covered floors have remained modish and elegant since time in memorial. They still maintain their modernity and artistic no matter how many other new types of flooring have been invented. No floor styling can beat hardwood floors. Apart from creating elegance, hardwood floors add warmth and also make a place homely and welcoming.

Maintaining a wood floor to remain glowing and shinning can be very tasking. Forget the traditional method of using vinegar and water for mopping this kind of floor. After all it leaves wood floor dry and parched since wood is susceptible to damage by the acid in vinegar. The best solution of maintaining a wood floor to give it the best look is by mopping it using either floor polish or floor sprays.

The following reviews of the best hardwood floor polish will help out while looking for an efficient one with successful results.

  1. Pro Shot 22823 Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer

This hardwood polish was initially used on high traffic hardwood floors in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and industries. Then, the homeowners came to find out about it, and the high demand necessitated the manufacturers to pack in small bottles of 32 oz exclusively to homes.

How it works

This product is ideal in filling scratches entirely on hardwood floors to be noticed. While it seals the floor, it also protects it from being scratched, getting spill and heel marks leaving it with a radiant finish. The radiant floor can last for months if well-taken care which can be a significant saving for both time and money.

By applying only one coat of Pro Shot with a sponge mop, it restores a dull looking hardwood floor or a dull spot back to its brilliant shining.

Since it does not contain any wax, there is no fear of wax buildup or leftover yellow patches.



  • Shines the floor with one coat
  • Dries within minutes after application
  • Restores dull hardwood floor back to its shine
  • It is a bit pricey compared to most wood floor cleaners
  • Poured water on the floor leaves patches that cannot be removed after mopping

  1. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer – 32 Ounce

Weiman wood floor polish is safe for both kids and pets which make it an all-round wood floor cleaner. It can be easily applied on all wood floors by using a traditional mop or using a technical spray mop for an even easier application. The polish can be used on other multi purposes but, its best use is on wood floors.

How it works

It can restore a smooth floor leaving it free from scratches by removing them using its micro-filling technology. After that, it prevents other scratches from happening due to its microlayer protection that makes the floor resistant to scratches.

Its main ingredient is polymer which eliminates all the scuff marks leaving the floor with high gloss-look and restoring it to its original best appearance. Another essential element is the quick-drying agent that makes the floor ready to use within a short time of polishing.



  • Removes scratches and restores it back to its glory
  • Prevents other scratches by giving the wood floor resistance to scratches
  • The polish is versatile and can be used on different surfaces.
  • Does not need diluting or mixing with anything else. It is a ‘straight from the can’ use
  • It is 2-in-1 whereby it polishes and restores to a glossy shine
If wrongly used, it can leave marks and therefore it should be used as instructed
  1. Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Wood & Laminate floor cleaner is made in the USA. Using around children and pets is safe. It is also ideal to use on all types of wood and laminated floors.

How it works

This particular Black Diamond Wood & Laminate floor cleaner is 32 oz in a spray container and it is also packed smaller or larger containers. It cleans wood floors and also laminated floors leaving them shiny and with no streaks. The cleaner is a 3-in-1 formula. It includes triple-action poly shield (PS3) which is essential in leaving a spotless clean floor with no streaks left behind. It is different from other formulas that damage the wood floor leaving it looking dry out. The cleaner is effective in removing food spills, beverage spills and others such as oil, dirt, footprints, pets’ droppings, and more.

After applying the cleaning solution by spraying it on the floor, it is then wiped off even without rinsing it using a simple mop or a microfiber mop leaving a shiny polished floor.



  • Safe to the children and pets
  • Safe to use on all kinds of floors
  • Cleans well and doesn’t leave patches or film
  • Does not leave the floor shining unless after a thorough polishing
  1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner which is in a spray container of 32 oz. is non-toxic and therefore safe to use around children and pets. It does not produce strong odors but yet effective in cleaning.

How it works

The product is made in USA. It is non-toxic, does not produce fumes, and it is odor free.  The cleaner which has won several environmental awards is passed to be environmentally safe. It is also certified by GREENGUARD GOLD and therefore passed to be home safe.

It is water based and therefore dries fast without leaving any residue. It does not need any other additional formulas. It is complete the way it is and ready to use. All the user needs to do is to spray the area to be cleaned and then just mop up the dirt, dust, or grime without the need of rinsing. It is safe for the floors that are finished in unwaxed polyurethane.



  • It has been around for nearly 100 years and still maintaining its standard
  • It is a dry fast product
  • Works on both unfinished floors and unwaxed polyurethane finished floors
  • It does not leave any residues.
  • It is highly concentrated
  • For effective results, one has to use a large quantity of it
  • If not thoroughly mopped, the wax can build up leaving floors ruined
  1. Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 – 24 oz

Orange Glo is not a new cleaning product on the market. It has been shinning for quite a while, and because of its orange scent and its glossy shine, it appears to be extremely popular.

How it works

It is made from the infusion of orange peels oil which gives the wax emulsion its glossy shine and the orange scent. It works best with sealed floors although it can work on all other hardwood floors. However, it is advised that it should not be used on unsealed hardwood floors or prefinished wood floors. The 4-in-1 function of Orange Glo is to clean, shine, protect, and revitalize any wood floor it comes across leaving it with extra glossy shine.

Orange Glo is an expert in wood cleaning and care which brings out the hardwood floors to their original natural beauty with added glow and shine. By using its motto of cleaning, shinning, protecting, and revitalizing, few other products can equal its performance.



  • After cleaning, it leaves the area with fresh orange scent
  • The emulsion formula shines, cleans, protects, and revitalizes effectively
  • The process of cleaning with Orange Glo is easy and fast
  • The wax can build up if not thoroughly polished
  1. Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish – 64 oz

Quick Shine is a polish for hardwood floors. It is made from petroleum distillate and plant-based carnauba.

How it works

Quick Shine works on all hardwood floors such as sealed hardwood, new factory prefinished hardwood, older, and dull hardwood floors to bring back the lost glow. The outcome on all these floors after using Quick Shine is spectacular.

Applying Quick Shine on hardwood is quick and easy. Squirt it here and there and then spread it evenly and thoroughly. Remember to use protective gear as it can irritate the eyes or the hands. Use Quick Shine to shine that old and dull hardwood floor living it shinning and glowing.

When Quick Shine is applied and then buffed it will bring out the glow and shine as desired.



  • Restores the old and dull hardwood floors to original glow
  • It is buff-able for greater shine
  • It leaves a long-lasting shine
  • It has a weak scent

Final Verdict

All the reviewed floor polishes have both their good and bad sides. However, Pro Shot takes it all despite its slightly high price tag. It is useful in floor polishing and sealing. Apart from a few unsatisfied consumers, it is top rated.

For the low budget consumer, Quick Shine is the best choice. It gives good results after using it. The price does not compromise its quality and its effectiveness in polishing hardwood floors.


An uneven wooden floor with patches is a sight to loathe but, a shiny and glowing wooden floor adds the elegance of a place. Just like polishing shoes, wooden floors when polished repeatedly over a period of time adapt the shininess. The task of moping and cleaning will then lessen taking very little time to have the whole floor glowing. Every other week is ideal for polishing the floor. But, if there is a lot of traffic on the floor then duration of a week would work best.

Remember, the best hardwood polish is the one that will maintain the floor by sealing the scratches and protect it from having other scratches and also leaving it shining.



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