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Making dishes can either be enjoyable or boring depending on the operators and the methods used. Again, getting the precision needed for recipes is defined by the tool being used. Also, the time that is taken in preparing the ingredients matters a lot as some of them tend to lose their flavors when exposed for long. It is for these reasons that mixing, whipping, kneading or any other method used on ingredients for a specific recipe should be done using the best mixer.

There are very many different types of mixers and especially lately. This makes one get confused in choosing the best when intending to purchase one. Using these guidelines will help in knowing how to select the best.

 Best Hand Mixer Buying Guide

  • What are the features?

Features are the first thing one should look for in a hand mixer. The features will tell whether a particular hand mixer is compatible and best to use. Such features to look for are wattage, weight, speed, short-start speed, handle, and attachments.

  • Storage space

Having a storage space is very important for a hand mixer. The user needs to have the accessories neatly and well kept instead of being scattered all over. Keeping them together makes it easy to locate them immediately when needed.

  • The brand name

A favorite brand or a good reputation should also be a guide in selecting a hand mixer. Popular ‘household’ brands usually have the best products. While still on reputation check on the best seller, the ratings and the reviews of the product as this information tells more about the mixer and how it works. Warranty should not be ignored as it is an assurance of replacement in case the mixer is faulty.

After being armed with the stated guidelines, it is time to dive into this review of hand mixers that have been carefully selected and narrowed to the best five. It then makes it easy to choose the most suitable hand mixer to use.

  1. Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Breville one of the leading brands in blenders also it is known to offer reputable hand mixers that are equally good. This BHM800SIL mixer from Breville is terrific to use in all types of recipes that need whipping, blending, mixing, and kneading. It has a neutral color of silver that can suit any user. Along with it come whisks, one pair of beaters, and dough hooks.


A 240-watt high torque motor operates the mixer BHM800SIL. It has a slow-start mode that picks momentum as it spins. Slow starting protects it to from damaging the beaters and also prevents splattering the content.

The beaters have been coated with rubber that prevents them from cranking as they go to the edges of the bowl making the process of thorough mixing noiseless. The mixer is a ‘clever’ one that can tell what needs to be done by detecting what is in the bowl. It has an IQ intuitive interface that makes it sensitive to the ingredient. The LED screen on the interface shows the time remaining for the continuing task.

It has a light to give light to the surrounding which helps the user monitor the ingredients carefully as well as reading the recipe.



  • The beaters are rubber coated at the edges to give a quite process while reaching the sides of the bowl with a thorough beating
  • It has a digital timer that can be paused at the choice of the user.
  • It has light to illuminate the surrounding for an easy monitor of ingredients or reading the recipe
  • It can sense the ingredients inside the bowl to automatically set itself and choose the process to take according to the ingredients.
  • This mixer is slightly pricey compared to many others
  1. KitchenAid KHM926CU

Make whipping, kneading, and blending an unforgettable experience with KitchenAid KHM926CU. With its speed variation, there is no recipe which cannot be achieved at its best. Whether it is the chunky types of ingredients, heavy creams or even whipping the egg whites, everything comes out perfect and with only one mixer for all.

It comes with one pro whisk, a blending rod, two turbo beater, two hooks for dough, and a bag for storage.


Its 9-speed power can do various tasks with just one mixer. It has a soft-start function that makes the beaters to start softly and then increase speed gradually to the set speed. Doing this is essential for both the mixer and the ingredients to avoid destroying the beaters or splattering the ingredients.

It comes with a round cord for secure wiping and also the cable is lockable to either side for easy approach of the ingredients at any angle.

The handle is soft for a firm and comfortable grip. At 2 pound, the weight is unnoticeable light making working with it less strenuous.

It has an ejector button that releases its accessories with ease by just one press. The button becomes handy when cleaning the mixer and when storing it.



  • It comes in five beautiful different colors
  • It has a soft-start for low-speed start preventing splatter from abrupt high-speed start
  • It has a nine-speed variation
  • It is a lightweight mixer for easy lift and easy handling
  • The beaters are shaky when using making the mixer unsteady

  1. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer

Another effective mixer in the market is Cuisinart HM-90BCS. This Power Advantage Plus mixer comes with a 9-speed power, beaters, dough hooks, spatula, instruction/recipe book, and a chef’s whisk. It is a powerful mixer that can knead dough for all kinds of baking and other tough tasks such as mix heavy batters. Of course one doesn’t have to mention other easy tasks like whipping meringues and the rest. It also has ultimate controls that give recipes the precision needed for great cooking.


It weighs 4.3 pounds which makes it easier to hold it for a long while working on different recipes. It comes in two colors which are white and sliver. It runs on a powerful 220-watt motor with automatic feedback that is quiet when running. The mixer has a one-touch speed control with 9-speed options and an on/off button. With a smooth-start feature that helps the speed to start on 3-low speed before gaining momentum the mixer then stabilizes to the set speed preventing splattering of ingredients.

It comes with beaters, dough hooks, a chef’s whisk, instruction/recipe book, and a spatula. It has a robust snap-on case that is clear to see through for neatly storing all the mixer’s parts. It has a release trigger to detach the attachments for cleaning and storing. The components have been certified as being BPA-free meaning that they are not made out of harmful BPA plastic chemical. The mixer’s cord can be locked safely on either the right or the left side



  • The mixer attachments are BPA free and assurance of safe-to-consume recipes
  • Has a slow-start to prevent splattering ingredients
  • For a strong motor like this one of 220-watts, the mixer has less noise when running
  • Its usual operation hovers around speed 1 to speed 5 leaving the top speed for heavy kneading or mixing heavy batters
  • It has an eject release button for easy release of its attachments
  • The beaters are chrome plated stainless steel instead of just solid stainless steel. The chrome plating can easily peel off after several uses
  1. BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer MX3200B

The B+D MX3200B which is black is a product from a household brand. Everyone would look up to such a product. It keeps to its standards by coming up with a hand mixer that is a 6-speed making it able to accomplish any mixing task successfully. It is a powerful mixer with a 250-watt motor.

It comes with two professional-style beaters, two dough hooks, and one whisk. All of these attachments are safe in a dishwasher. The attachments can easily beat, stir, whip, whisk, and knead dough effectively.


This is a powerful hand mixer with a 250-watt motor. It has 6-speed variation to accomplish several recipes with different ingredients using only one hand mixer. The mixer has a slow-starter that starts at 20% and increases momentum to the required speed.

It has a special function, the Power Boost Function that manages the tough tasks of mixing heavy ingredients at high speed. A button known as Turbo Button activates this unique function.

It is a light-weight at 2 pounds which can be used by all types of users even the elderly with ease. It is ergonomically designed for easy handling.

It is specially made to give the mixer a good rest on the bowl while the beaters sit well in the bowl to prevent any mixture dripping outside the bowl.

It has a full-size hard-shell case for storing the mixer plus the attachments neatly in one case.



  • Affordable
  • It has 6-speed variations for different tasks on different ingredients
  • It is a lightweight hand mixer
  • It has a unique feature for the mixer rest in the bowl
  • Its 250-watts makes it reliable for maximum performance
  • It is ergonomically designed for ease of handling
  • It has an additional speed booster, Turbo speed for heavy tasks
  • It becomes hard to eject attachments
  • When over-used, it may emit smoke
  1. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

This mixture which comes with two beaters and a whisk is a powerful one that runs with a 250-watt motor. It is a best seller and top-rated hand mixer because of its versatility and its high performance in all its tasks such as whisking, mixing, and folding.


It weighs 3 pounds which makes it lightweight for easy and longer handling. It comes with beaters and a mixer. Its 6-speed variations are for working on different ingredients. It includes a burst function for boosting the mixer’s power while on any speed.

It has a snap-on case that stores attachments together for safety, neatness, and keeping them along with the mixer.

The mixer has a groove that lets it rest on the bowl with the beaters inside the bowl while the user takes a break to either select the ingredients or read the recipe.



  • Affordable and a good choice for low budget
  • The handle is ergonomic because of its rubber grip
  • It is a 6-speed mixture being versatile in all the mixing tasks
  • It has a burst function which is the same as the turbo button
  • Easier to handle since it is lightweight
  • Not suitable for more prolonged use as it gets heated up from overusing it.

Final Verdict

The topmost hand mixer in this review is Breville BHM800SIL which is complete with everything one might be looking for in a mixer. Furthermore, it is also affordable compared to others of its kind. It does not mean that the other models on the list are of low quality. They are all excellent mixers, and that is how they have found a place in this review. They could have made it to the top as well had it not been for the pricing.

For the low budget user, Hamilton Beach 62682RZ is the best. Moreover, it is No. 1 seller and top rated. The price tag of this mixer does not compromise its effectiveness. It still maintains its prowess in doing all the tasks needed.


All recipes need precision when working on them to have better results. With a mixer that is not compatible with the user, the best results might not be achieved. Therefore, depending on the user of the mixer, the size and the weight of the mixer matters a lot. The essence of making those sumptuous dishes is not only for the taste but for the joy of making them. Bring out the art of creating amazing dishes using an excellent mixer to get the joy out of it.

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