Best Five Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviews 2018

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An electric hedge trimmer is the best solution for homeowners in having a neat and well-groomed hedge. Being the most challenging task, one needs an easy to use tool that can use less body energy and save time as well. The hedge trimming chore becomes most challenging especially when it is a thorny shrubby hedge that must be trimmed. It becomes worse when the tool being used is an archaic one such as a manual pruner or shears.

Modern times have come with a comfortable and stress-free way of doing this routine weekend chore which is convenient and less time-consuming. It is the electric hedge trimmer.

Deciding on buying an electric hedge trimmer is easy. But, getting into the market in search of a suitable one is a jargon most baffling. One is faced with a wide variety of trimmers that choosing one among the many becomes nightmare.

This review will ease the burden of visiting various sites, the deep searching for the best, and making the best choice among the many. The review has narrowed all those hedge trimmers to the best five electrical hedge trimmers by looking at the qualities, features, other users’ views, the highest ranking, and the one with the highest demand.

  1. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 3.3 Amp 24” HedgeHog

The 24” BLACK+DECKER is a sturdy hedge trimmer due to its powerful motor. It has a 24” double action blades which are an advantage to the user by reaching the furthest part of the hedge. It can cut branches as thick as ¾” and vital for broader and taller hedges and shrubs.

The HH2455 BLACK+DECKER is a lighweight weighing 6.5 lb. The long blade not only is far-reaching but also helps to balance the weight of the trimmer making it easier to handle. The engine is strong enough to trim the toughest overgrown hedge. It can do 2,800 strokes/min which means, it can accomplish much within a short time.

What makes this trimmer a ‘darling’ to the many homeowners is its double action hardened steel blade that speed up the trimming with less vibration to 40% for the sake of hand muscles that are usually hard-hit when hedge trimming. The 3.3 amp motor with its inline design and gear reduction gives it improved durability, easy control, weight balance, and precision when sculpturing.

The rear handle of this BLACK+DECKER 24” electric trimmer can rotate to 180 degrees making the user trim in a good position while holding the handle. It also gives options for holding the trimmer in different angles either vertically or horizontally. The rotating rear handle also is ideal for sculptors who mainly sculpture hedges and shrubs by making designs with précised angles. It can also lock at a chosen angle and a preferable position.

This trimmer has a lock-on switch that helps the user to continue trimming non-stop and uninterrupted. Also, it has a lock-off which keeps the trimmer locked to prevent it from accidentally starting up and causing injuries. It has a retainer to hold the electric cord in place and keep it plugged in to avoid interruption while in use.

About environment, this trimmer is environmentally friendly since it does not emit obnoxious gases or fumes when in use.


  • Size – 45.1” x 7.3” x 6.2”
  • Weight – 6.5 lb
  • 24” Double-action hardened steel blades
  • Rotating rear handle
  • Lock-off and on switch
  • Electric cord retainer
  • 2-year warranty



  • It has a lock-on and lock-off blade switches to keep the blade running or keeping it off
  • The handle rotates up to 180 degrees for precision trimming
  • Lock-on angle switch
  • Electric cord retainer that holds the cord plugged in when in use
  • The weight of 6.5 lb is light enough to hold for a long while working without tiring
  • The blade is made out of steel preventing them from getting rusty
  • Makes no emissions since it is an electrical trimmer
  • Does not have a shoulder strap to hold the trimmer
  • The electric cord is short at 150’ limiting movement


  1. Worx WG209 4-Amp Hedge Trimmer and Pruner

The Worx WG209 has a 4.0 amp making it a robust trimmer. It has 24” blade that can reach far across the hedge and shrubs. It is well balanced and easy to use due to its light weight of 5.7 lb. It can cut branches up to the diameter size of 5/8”. The 24” long blade can trim the top of an overgrown hedgerow across it at one pass.

The trimmer has its motor weight behind the grip while the blade weight is at the front of the grip. Both of these features give an overall weight balance making it easy to handle.

The blades are in line with the grip which lightens the burden of rotating the cutters while trimming from the top of the hedge going down on the side of it making it a quick and easy to maneuver.

It is a dual-action blade which cuts your hedge clean and quickly with less vibration. The user of this trimmer cannot experience hand muscles and other body fatigue for three reasons:

  • The front soft padded handle in a D-shape
  • Less vibration when trimming
  • The lightweight of the trimmer

For the safety part of it, it has a safety guard, single-hand safety trigger, operation trigger, and a blade sheath for safe storage.


  • Weight – 5.7 lb
  • Dimensions – 40.2” x 6.5” x 8.1”
  • 0 amp
  • 24” blade for far reach trimming
  • 2,600 steps per minute (SPM)
  • Slim body



  • Affordable
  • The lightweight of 5.7 lb for easy carry
  • The 24” blade length for far-reaching while trimming
  • Powerful to cut branches up to ¾” in diameter
  • Slim-body design made to maneuver the trimmer for effective trimming
  • Safety features and blade sheath
  • Comes with 18” power code and therefore needs an extension
  • Has no mechanism for “on” trigger lock


  1. Remington RM5124TH 5Amp 24” Dual-action Corded Hedge Trimmer

This Remington RM5124TH is a powerhouse for all trimmings, whether it is an overgrown hedge or the toughest shrubs. It will slice through them leaving a neatly pruned hedge or shrub. With its 24” titanium-coated blade that is dual-action, it can slice even the overgrown hedge with thick branches of diameter about ¾” with ease and less vibration. The titanium coating also helps the blade to stay sharper for a very long time. The length of the blade also is an added advantage for the user to avoid straining to reach the furthest corner of the hedge.


The marvellous job is made possible by the powerful engine of 5 Amp giving this trimmer robustness of tackling the toughest branches of a hedge or shrub.

For the precision of cuts like when working on sculpting a shrub or hedge, its 180 degrees rotating handle makes those clean cuts possible. It is for this rotating handle that the user can maneuver the trimmer at any angle with a lot of ease making the trimming easy and quick.

The ergonomic padded grip gives the user a comfortable but firmer grip for effortless trimming and fatigue-less hand muscles.


  • Dimensions – 43” x 11” x 9”
  • Weight – 6.4 lb
  • 5 Amp electric motor
  • 24” titanium-coated blade
  • 180 degrees rotating handle



  • Affordable
  • Dual-action blade for effective trimming and vibration absorption
  • Titanium-coated 24” blade for sharpness and smoothness
  • A swivel blade that shapes and grooms hedges effortlessly
  • Rotating handle to 180 degrees for precision and neat cutting in all angles
  • 5 Amp motor making it a robust trimmer for toughest branches
  • An ergonomic designed padded front handle for firmer and comfortable grip
  • Easier to start
  • Environmental friendly without emitting gas, smoke or fumes
  • Movement limitation due to the electric cord
  • Slightly heavier than most other brands needing a shoulder strap for comfortable carry


  1. Greenworks 22122 22” 4 Amp Corded Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer

This affordable hedge trimmer is a powerful one with 4 Amp motor. The low price does not compromise the many good features that make it a top hedge trimmer. It can cut overgrown hedges with branches of 3/8” to ½” diameter without a problem. It is compact with a 22” blade, weight of 5.72 lb and dimensions of 37.8” x 7.9” x 8.9” making it easy to handle and carry along while trimming the hedge with ease.

The rotating handle for this trimmer gives it an added quality which many other household brands of its kind do not have. This feature will make it easy to maneuver and turn the trimmer while working on a hedge or a shrub. The size, the weight and the rotating handle are all qualities needed in a trimmer for sculpturing hedges and shrubs.

The GreenWorks 22122 is a dual-action blade trimmer which along with its 4 amp engine can do wonders on a hedge within a very short time since its speed is 3200 steps per minute. It is high speed for a smaller blade size of 22” comparing to others of its kind with 24” blade.

With its lightweight, the dual-action blade which reduces vibration, and its rotating handle, there is no worry of after-work muscle fatigue. After using this trimmer working on the toughest hedge, it leaves the user still invigorated for another task.


  • 4 amp motor engine
  • A weight of 5.72 lb
  • dimensions of 37.8” x 7.9” x 8.9”
  • Blade size 22”
  • 3200 SPM



  • Affordable
  • A padded grip handle for firm grip and comfort
  • It is a dual-action blade making it effective in trimming
  • Powerful with 4 amp
  • Light in weight of 5.72 lb making it easy to carry it around while trimming
  • A high speed of 3200 SPM covering a large area within a short time
  • Rotating handle for ease and maneuver
  • Environmental friendly with no emission
  • Does not have a lock ‘on’ switch for continuous run
  • Does not come with a sheath for the blade
  • Needs an added extension


  1. Toro Electric 51490 22”Corded Hedge Trimmer

Toro is a household brand on hedge trimmers, and therefore one cannot go wrong with it. The 51490 is a powerful trimmer of 4 Amp designed for tough trimming. With a lightweight of 6 lb which does not compromise its sturdiness, it enables the user to carry it around while trimming without tiring quickly.

The steel blades which are hard and long enough on a 22” bar can reach the furthest shrubs with ease. The trimmer has a strong motor that can take on the toughest shrubs and hedges making it effortless for the user.

The handle is designed for a soft yet firm grip with or without gloves. Even when cutting branches as thick as 9/16”, the blade vibration cannot be felt since the cutting dual-action system reduces the vibration.

It has a cord-lock which prevents it from unplugging accidentally and thereby cutting-off power. It also has an inbuilt shield right behind the blade and before the front handle. This shield protects the user from straying debris and branches.


  • Powerful 4amp motor
  • 22” long cutting bar with hardened steel blades
  • Double-action cutting system which helps to reduce vibration
  • Cord-lock system to prevent cord unplugging accidentally
  • Weights 6 lbs
  • Size – 8”x36”
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty



  • Affordable price
  • Not noisy
  • Light to carry yet powerful to trim the toughest hedges and shrubs
  • Long bar and blades to reach far
  • Less vibration due to its dual-action cutting system
  • Soft and firm rear handle
  • Extension cord limits the movement
  • Non rotating making hard to cut vertically


For the best electrical hedge trimmer with versatility, the BLACK+DECKER HH2455 3.3 Amp 24” HedgeHog would be the first choice. Even though it is expensive among the five, it still stands the best. It has all good features that anyone would look for in an electrical trimmer. It is also powerful and durable giving the other brands a run for their money.

For a budget hedge trimmer with quality features and good ratings, Toro Electric 51490 22”Corded Hedge Trimmer is the best choice. It is a compact trimmer yet versatile and can do what other trimmers can. The only feature that it doesn’t have is the rotating handle which one can overlook when considering its affordability. No wonder it has good ratings.

Overall, all these trimmers are power tools and therefore need extra care in handling them. Reading the user manual is very important to direct the user how to handle the trimming device. Of course, ‘keep it out of reach of children’ is a cliché but an important safety measure. Remember! Better safe than sorry.

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