Buyers Guide reviews on Special Body Pillows for 2017

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What is a Body Pillow

Special Body Pillows help people love to snuggle up while sleeping.Sleeping with one small pillow throughout the night can be a nightmare. There is always a need for a pillow for your back support, another tucked between your knees for temperature control and two more for head and neck support. Pregnant women also need an extra pillow just for  the belly support.

Although it’s completely natural to toss and turn throughout the night looking for a perfect sleeping position, the reality is that you mostly end up sleeping on your side with your top leg coming over the bottom one. The problem is that when you are tossing and turning, you create a habit that can lead to twisting of your spine, collapsing of your shoulders while your neck twists leading to back and tummy sleeping. For most people this is the reason behind a sleepless night.

Fortunately body pillows can work like magic especially for people who suffer from pregnancy pains, neck, knee and back joint pains as well as those trying to stop themselves from snoring throughout the night. And even though body pillows might be new to first time users, anyone can quickly get used to one simply because they provide comfort on so many different levels

Body pillows are mostly designed to give support to a variety of body parts, something that back sleepers and side sleepers need allot. Although some can’t be used for your tummy while pregnant, a decent body pillow still come in handy depending on the purpose you intend for it.

Are Body Pillows Useful?

The simple answer to that is yes. They are perfect for sleeping as well as relaxing and can provide different levels of body support depending on your needs. You can choose between the different brands since they come filled with different levels of firmness to provide proper alignment for deep sleep.

Imagine being able to tuck your knees between the body length pillow as you cuddle and enjoy your sleep. With an extra long midsection that comes with body pillows you get to enjoy the much needed back comfort as you let your knee and leg straighten for substantial relief from hips and lower back joint pains.

In fact studies reveal that body pillows sometimes referred to as pregnancy pillows are useful in relieving pain from a variety of body parts, lowering your heart rate therefore creating a calming effect on your emotional state, amazing right?

In addition a body pillow works to help improve blood flow throughout your body while you sleep enhancing muscular relaxation. This way you don’t only get to fall asleep faster but also enjoy a peaceful sleep with zero disturbances.

Body pillows also allow your body to stay still throughout the night since every time you move in your sleep; you put your body to work overtime as your shoulder and spinal are subjected to more pressure. They can even help reduce snoring by preventing back sleeping. Plus the fact that they can be adjusted in terms of height and thickness gives them a quality that expectant mothers need as they grow into their pregnancy.

Compared to a traditional head pillow or a boppy pillow, a body pillow offers more comfort especially to pregnant women and anyone who has been suffering from back pains and often wakes up feeling tired.

How to Choose the Right Body Pillow For You

So now you understand the value that a good body pillow can bring and just how comfortable you can get while enjoying your sleep, but how do you pick out a body pillow? With so many choices available out there, it can get a bit overwhelming to pick one. Apart from the huge difference in price, body pillows come in different shapes and colors.  So how do you tell the difference between a u -shaped, c- shaped and a j-shaped pillow and how do you pick one that works for you?

Well here are a couple of things to consider while you are in the search for a body pillow that fits your needs.

  • Size

Most body pillows are designed to be long but they vary in size. While on the look for a body pillow that will give you the best comfort, make sure you go for a body pillow whose length stretches from head to knee. This way you will get the best support for all your body parts. Remember the bigger the size the more material required to manufacture meaning you might have to dig deeper into your pocket when you pick a large body pillow.

  • Shape

The most common type of body pillows are the flat and straight  pillows, however you can get yourself other type of shapes that you fill are comfortable with your sleeping patterns. Most of the times, circular pillows can provide a much better support and might be cozier than other flat pillows especially on your chest and knees. Also think about your bedroom décor and make sure you pick a shape that matches your design as well as space.

  • Stuffing

A pillow is nothing without the material that is stuffed inside. Different stuffing materials have different levels of support and comfort that they offer, some are fluffier while others are softer. However for the best support and comfort, foam pillows are a perfect choice. Cotton pillows also offer a great alternative especially for those looking to find affordable pillows that are equally easy to carry. Other pillows will also feature down and Buckwheat materials therefore offering equal levels of comfort.

  • Purpose of the Pillow

It is important to consider the purpose of every pillow as each comes with its own use. While some are designed for people with snoring problems, others are made for pregnant women or those with back pains.

  • Ease of Use

Depending on your needs for buying a body pillow, you will want to go for a flexible one that has multiple uses. You can get one that can be used for watching TV, sitting up in bed, getting support under your knees as well as for reading and relaxing. Most of the time longer pillows will be more flexible and can be used for multiple purposes compared to “c” shaped pillows or shorter pillows.

  • Price

When it comes to price, apart from picking an affordable body pillow, also make sure you go for a body pillow that comes with a money back guarantees to ensure you are getting a quality product for ultimate satisfaction.

  • Warranty

It is important to think about the warranty on the body pillow you are considering to buy. Body pillows with longer warranties provide adequate security against your pillow flattening out easily meaning you get to purchase a long lasting product.

 10 Best Choices for A Body Pillow

  1. Snuggle Pedic Body Shredded Memory Foam Combination

For about 15 years Snuggle Pedic has been offering a wide variety of sleep systems that are developed under the watchful eyes of industry experts, producing online health products that are helping people take charge of their health.   It takes a lot of pride in all its products and only associates with manufacturers with a specialty in producing quality relief and support equipment.

If you need more support in your sleep, the Snuggle –Pedic body pillow is the right tool for you. Made in the USA, this body pillow is manufactured with eco-friendly CertiPUR and Biogreen  foam that is US-certified. It stuffed with shredded style memory foam a combination that is designed to never go flat allowing you to use it for a long time while it retains its shape. Even though it’s not as firm or as solid as foam pillow, it provides great comfort that will give you undisturbed sleep.

On arrival, it is compressed and sealed in a plastic bag then it expands to its full size just within a few hours of removing it from the plastic bag. It is pretty easy to use as it molds well to your body shape and quickly goes back to its normal size after use.


What’s more is that the snuggle-pedic body pillow is also capable of staying cool especially on those super hot  summer nights thanks to its combination of polyester fabric and bamboo viscose  that makes good use of the “kool flow “ design. With a luxurious breathable cover preventing air from getting trapped in the pillow, you are sure to experience a cool effect as you sleep soundly through the night.  Plus its conforming orthopedic shape is capable of supporting your body when sleeping on your back, stomach or side.

Its also dust and hypoallergenic resistant and can be rolled up and vacuumed for shipping in an eco-friendly way especially when you want to travel with it. With a 20 year warranty and a 90-day sleep trial, this body pillow is a must have.

  • the pillow is made with the highest quality
  • comes with a great warranty plan not to mention great customer service
  • it can be machine washed and dried
  • the pillow offers a nice cool effect throughout the night
  • easily portable


  • the separate foams can fill like chunks in the pillow


If you need lots of cool comfort and a body pillow that offers great support, the Snuggle Pedic is a great option. Thanks to its 20 year warranty, it invokes lots of trust from customers making it a safe and reliable body pillow for your bed.

  1. Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow, Viscose Rayon Cover- Coop Home Goods

Being a family owned company, Coop Home Goods enjoys innovating new product ideas as well as marketing great pillows to clients all over the globe.  With a team of young and energetic individuals, its main goal over the years has been to provide service that is not only unique, but also customer frinedly. With a belief in marketing and customer feedback, its agenda to change the status quo is quickly becoming a reality.

This shredded memory foam, Coop Home Goods body pillow comes filled with CertiPUR-us certified foam that are free from ozone depletes to meet standards for durability and safety meaning you get to have a pillow with no chemical hazards.  Thanks to its 60% polyester and 40% bamboo viscose, this body pillow is not only machine dryable but also machine washable.

For anyone with dust allergies, you will be pleased to know that it is not only dust mite resistant but also built to be hypoallergenic. And if you are worried about it getting to warm through the night,  it comes in a breathable pillow cover design that ensures the shredded foam inside stays cool while you get a good nigh sleep.


Since this pillow is firm enough, it can be helpful to keep your back aligned properly throughout the night making it a must have body pillow for back pain making it an essential tool especially for those with back pains and neck pains. Furthermore as much as it’s firm and great for your back it still comes with the convenience of being soft and easily adjustable allowing you to stay comfortable all night long. For pregnant women, this pillow can be an important addition to the support their body needs especially as they grow into their pregnancy.

It comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, making this 20”x 54” pillow a bedding item that should not miss in your bedroom.

  • Made with high quality
  • Ideal for knee and back support
  • Keeps you cool even on hot nights
  • Safe for pregnant and maternity use
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • A bit too soft for some people with back pains
  • Bulky to move around with


For anyone looking for a body pillow for back pain that features an equal combination of firm memory foams as well as super soft down pillow, this is a good pick. Since its breathable it guarantees to keep your body cool especially during hot summer nights.

  1. Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow

Squish Deluxe Microbead is known for specializing in the manufacture of micro bead as well as other specialty pillows all over the world. It boasts of  fast delivery system as well as hassle-free returns earning them the trust with many consumers. With comprehensive selection of quality products at affordable prices, it is clear to see why we had to put it on our list.

The unique feature about microbead pillows is their squishy feeling that most foam pillows do not have. Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow is no exception. Since it’s built with the smallest premium grade micro-beads, it provides a firm support that allows one to move it around and bend it easily when necessary. Its comfort level is incredible allowing for full body support at all times.

Although it might take some time for one to get it to a desired  shape. It comes in a circular shape that makes it easy to bent and twist around. It lends itself as a favorite especially for pregnant mothers who are looking for a pregnancy full body pillow to sleep with at night. Plus they can also use it to prop themselves up when it’s time to breastfeed since its can be used a bed and couch pillow that won’t take up too much space in bed. It is also quite long lasting with seams that are reinforced twice to prevent the beads from leaking.

It comes with a removable pillow case that is machine washable as well as machine dry-able. Furthermore in a soft front loading cycle the pillow itself can also be washed. To crown it, the entire microbead pillow is hypoallergenic making it safe for anyone with dust allergies since it is completely dust mite resistant, antibacterial and also odor free.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Great balance between firm and soft
  • Ideal for those recovering from surgery
  • Comes with removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Double reinforced seams for durability


  • Not great for having pets with claws around


Although the micro bead body pillow from squishy deluxe doesn’t match up to the support you get from shredded memory foam, it offers the convenience of easy portability with the only downside being that it is not designed to be long lasting.

  1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachno was brought to the fore from the story of a family that turned a near accident situation into a full grown company with a focus on children’s welfare. With time it has grown though the many milestones, and has managed to venture into other businesses that have also included adding brilliant and convenient solutions that make the parents life easier every day.

It you are looking for a Snoogle bod pillow that will not only support your pregnant belly but also give you great back support, the Leachco Snoggle Total Body Pillow is a must have. It comes in a C- shaped design that fits well around the front and the back, plus tucks perfectly between the knees giving you neck support as well. You can quickly forget about other multiple pillows for hip back, tummy and neck support as this pregnancy body pillow is a perfect replacement.

Except for the curved C patented shape design that it’s built with, this body pillow is pretty much similar to a normal boppy pillow and is equally easy to use. Although it’s not as firm and supportive when compared to other body pillows, it offers amazing back and belly support for anyone looking for something that is just right for their position and height.

In fact it’s a replaceable body pillow that comes with a removable sham pillow case giving you the convenience of buying extra sham pillow cases or sippers for replacement. Whatever your need for extra support might be, this body pillow will be an important addition to your bedding. For expectant mothers, you can rest assured that all your needs are covered since it was designed by career nurse who is a mother.

  • Built with a great shape for a full body support
  • Ideal for pregnant women at any stage
  • Breathable and comfortable to keep you cool at night
  • Easily replaces the need for multiple pillows
  • Removable cover that is machine washable


  • Can be a bit difficult to replace and remove the cases
  • Built with a material that is different from regular pillows


For those who need extra support without having to use a lot of pillows together, this body pillow will come in handy. However it might not be a favorite for anyone looking for a body pillow with absolute firm support.

  1. PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc has been in the business of producing great products for a balanced lifestyle since 2012. Its agenda to date remains to provide quality rest to its consumers allowing them to approach work with refreshed dedication. Its bedding products take advantage of the latest developments in technology and functional design making them a must have for the bedroom.

Compared to the Leacho Snoogle that we’ve reviewed above, this body pillow has some similar features. The only difference is that it comes in a larger size and features a couple of improvements like;

First is in the way it tucks around the neck, shoulder and between the knees. It offers much better comfort that regular back pain and body pillows for pregnancy offer thanks to its improved firm support. It also comes with an adjustable polyfill material that is important as it helps prevent your body from tossing and turning while you are asleep, this way your body gets to fully relax for a deep sleep.

With its removable washable zipper pillow cases this pregnancy pillow comes with lots of convenience that makes it a must have. The fact that the covers are removable means you can get yourself extra covers that make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.  Plus the covers that come with the pillow are very soft increasing the comfort level that you are bound to have when you get this body pillow.

Because of its size you might worry that it might take up too much space in your bed, but when you cuddle up with this body pillow you will definitely understand why it’s worth all the trouble. Furthermore you don’t have to worry about your height as its about 60 inches long making it ideal for any kind of height.

  • Comes with a zipper pillow cover that is easy to remove
  • Built with great airflow to keep the pillow cool
  • Ideal for back and side sleepers
  • Polyfill material to prevent tossing and turning
  • Comes with lifetime warranty for full satisfaction


  • Easily develops rips and tears
  • Some people with back issues don’t find it supportive enough


This body pillow is ideal for those who need a bit of back support to sleep comfortably. The only downside is that it tears easily for those who toss and turn too much in their sleep. Apart from that, it’s great especially for pregnant women.

  1. Web Liens Inc J-Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pilllow

Over the years, Web Liens Inc is known to produce superior designs that are tested to perfection to give consumers quality end products. With affordable price tags on all its product offerings, it’s easy to see why consumers have grown to trust their body pillows. They also have amazing customer service not to mention the  money back guarantee policy convenience.

The Web Liens J-Shaped Body Pillow is another great body pillow for pregnancy as well as for those suffering from back pains and joint pains. In fact it has been mentioned to be a great help for getting rid of carpal tunnel, nasal congestion as well as sciatica and heartburn. By simply adjusting it to align to your sleeping position ,you don’t only get more comfort but can also help get rid of joint pains as well as body malfunctions, now isn’t that amazing!

Worried about it getting heated up quickly, well this is where the curled end of this pillow comes in handy. It’s designed to tuck up under your legs to increase your comfort as well as help control the temperature of the pillow, keeping it cool while you sleep. Plus it also gives your legs support preventing your knee from pain while you sleep.


The other curl is well designed to support your upper body keeping your back straight, supporting your neck and head while also keeping your nasal passages open for better breathing at night.

When it comes to the feel of the polyester, this body pillow is well blended to give you a soft and cozy feel that you need for a good night sleep. Although it might not be firm enough to give support to all kinds of back problems, it does a good job of making you feel refreshed in the morning.

  • Ideal for lower back pain
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Includes a removable pillow case with a zipper
  • Comes with a money back guarantee for total satisfaction


  • It easily flattens out
  • Stitching it back can take a lot of effort


If you are on the lookout for the ultimate body pillow that will solve all your needs, this pillow might disappoint but at its affordable price tag, it offers quality back support while still being capable to keep you feeling cozy at night. For anyone trying to get rid of back pains in the morning, this pillow is a pretty good buy .

  1. Meiz Comfortable Total Body Pillow

Getting quality home health products can be frustrating at times, Meiz understands this and therefore has made efforts to not only produce quality products but also provide great customer service. Over the years it has managed to gain the trust of consumers across the globe thanks to its 100%satisfaction guarantee. With a team of experts it continues to produce products that bring value to most people in these modern hectic times.

For a comfortable addition to your bed, get yourself the Meiz Comfortable total Body Pillow.  With its contoured interior it is designed to match your natural body shape to precision. No matter you sleeping position, this body pillow will give great comfort and support to all parts of your body. It is ideal for nursing mothers and pregnant women since they can sleep peacefully in it as well as use it for any breast feeding position

A good pillow can be a great tool for helping you get rid of a swelling leg in the morning and this pregnancy full body pillow is no exception. By ensuring efficient blood flow in the upper body, this body pillow will give you proper sleep throughout the night. It also keeps your spine aligned to relive you from any possible back and neck pains. Plus it’s a multifunctional body pillow that allows you to use it for reading, breast feeding, watching the TV as well as sleeping.

This is the body pillow for anyone who normally tosses and turns in their sleep. It is designed to keep you body still and thanks to it being ideal for preventing sciatica it provides you a deep restful night. It is equally easy to machine wash and dry as it’s made up of 100% cotton that adds up to its comfortable feel.

  • Convenient as it allows switching of positions without moving the pillow
  • Suits people of all heights
  • Comes with a pillow case that is removable
  • An ideal gift for expectant mothers


  • It is incapable of a firm support since its not full


If you are growing into your pregnancy, this pillow can be a perfect fit  to help you with comfort and proper support.  Its also ideal for anyone else who enjoys sleeping in comfort with a quality pillow. However if you are out looking for firm support for back pains, this body pillow might not fully serve the purpose since its not too firm.

  1. Leacho Back N Belly Contoured

Once again Leacho makes it to our list for the second time and for a good reason. Being a family owned business, it prides itself in understanding the dilemma that most consumers go through when looking for quality health products for their family.  With a team of dedicated family members all its products are designed and made to go beyond utility and provide the best level of comfort.

This body pillow allows you to enjoy great full body support thanks to its U-shape design.  Its design will not cause any aches or pains thanks to the contoured inner parts that are filled to give belly and back support simultaneously. It’s the kind of body pillow that allows your hip to sit pressure free no matter your sleeping paterns.

Even when you toss and turn though out the night, you won’t have to adjust it as it’s designed to fit your new position every time you turn. Without having to flip it over all the time, this body pillow supports your entire belly and back thanks to its hour glass snug support. It gives amazing support and comfort as you sleep and thanks to its removable polyester pillow cover it has a soft feel to it that is easy to maintain.

It is designed to prevent nasal congestion, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia as well as carpal tunnel syndrome allowing you to cradle inside it all through the night peacefully.

  • Ideal for people of all heights
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Comfortable and soft for relieving back pains


  • It doesn’t always fill evenly
  • Has a hard seam near the U bend that might cause discomfort in the shoulder area


For some users, the issue with the seam can cause some discomfort but still this pillow is quite useful.  You can easily solve this problem by getting new covers to get rid of the discomfort plus its capability to help relieve pain and aches are a reason enough to go for it.

  1. Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Naomi home provides some best home products and furniture solutions online.  They developed a system that is designed to package and deliver products to customers as fast as possible.The system enables consumers to express themselves by identifying quality items for their homes.

Looking for large pillows that won’t just give you comfort in bed but also double up as bedroom décor has never been easier. The Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow comes in 6 colors that are bound to match well with your bedrooms décor creating an attractive ambiance that is to die for.

Although it can run the risk of eating out a lot of space especially if you have a double bed that you sleep in with your partner, it can be a perfect fit for a queen size bed and above giving you a full body pillow for a good night sleep.

If you are a pregnant woman or a nursing mother, this body pillow can be a great addition to your beddings as it features a back and belly inner curve support. Furthermore anyone with back, hip and neck joint pains can make this a go to body pillow for pregnancy since its firm enough for quality support. It features a flexible design that can bend and twist easily to suit any position you sleep in.

When it comes to washing, it has a body pillow cover that unzips easily to allow you to wash and dry in the machine. This body pillow is a must have and given the fact that it is easy to fluff  up when it gets a bit fat, you can be sure to enjoy maximum comfort when you have it.


  • Ideal size for a queen size bed and above
  • High quality material with a soft feel
  • Firm and supportive for all kinds of purposes


  • It has shorter sides


For those in the search for full body filler that provides great firm support, go no further than this body pillow. Although most consumers have mentioned that it’s a bit too firm on arrival, this body pillow is designed to soften with time making it a must have for neck and back support no matter your needs.

  1. Moonlight Slumber’s Comfort  U Total Body Pillow

Moonlight slumber’s Comfort U Pillows are designed to mold into your body’s shape giving you and your baby a complete cradle comfort that is also fluffy and soft. With years of experience producing value for its global consumers, it has become an industry leader in manufacturing quality healthy sleeping products as well as amazing customer service.

If you love the comfort of a large U shaped body pillow on both sides of your bed, then going for an oversized body pillow such as the Moonlight Comfort Slumber is a great choice.  You get to enjoy the feeling of being cuddled in its U shape design that is comforting while also offering great support for joint pains.

In addition to that, it leaves your spine well aligned and with a well cradled neck there is simply no reason for you to wake up feeling grumpy in the morning.

This body pillow is stuffed with fusion foss fill which is a synthetic fiber that is breathable to keep you cool even during summer nights.  It is an odorless hypoallergenic that is dust resistant to give relief to anyone who is allergic to dust. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this body pillow can simply be thrown into any standard washing machine for a hassle free cleaning.

If you move around a lot while sleeping, you won’t have to worry about this pillow shifting meaning you get to enjoy undisturbed sleep all night. With little and sometimes zero flattening on the filler, this body pillow is a must have for those looking for a long lasting pillow.

  • Stays firm for longer
  • Ideal for those adjusting to side sleeping
  • Helps people with fibromyalgia pain issues
  • Quality make that is eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Might be ineffective for some shorter people (below 5”)
  • Some taller people will find it uncomfortable (above5’11’)


This is a great pick for anyone looking for a simple body pillow with reliable comfort levels.  With its U design, you get to enjoy the comfort it brings while still staying cool on those summer nights.  You however have to check your height to see if it is going to be a perfect fit for you.


Well there you have it; these are 10 of the best body pillows you can find. Out of all the body pillows listed above I would recommend you go for the Leacho Snoggle Total Body Pillow as its priced affordably giving you great value for money. These pillows are perfect fit for those with back complications and expectant women.  But for whatever body pillow one settles for, it is  important to note they are designed to fit all kinds of needs. Good luck finding a pillow that works for you.



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