Buyers Guide for the Best Cooling pillow for Hot Sleepers 2017

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What to consider when buying Cooling pillow for Hot Sleepers

Cooling pillow for Hot Sleepers comes in handy if you have ever woken up feeling hot and sweaty, with hair and pajamas drenched. It has  is a very uncomfortable feeling. You might experience a night of heat once in a while or for couple of reasons this experience can recur.

The heat may be brought about by different reasons. For instance, the temperature outside may be truly hot and you might not be comfortable using your HVAC system. In addition you might be having hot flashes that may make you uncomfortable especially if you are going through menopause.

Although failing to sleep for some time may not cause any serious effects in the short term, it is likely to manifest in the long run causing you some damage.

Here are a couple of causes that might be taking away your sleep every night.

Causes of Sleep Deprivation

So what really causes sleep deprivation? Well apart from the uncomfortable heat feeling that can keep you tossing and turning all night long, there are other contributing factors that can give you sleepless nights.

They include

  • Bad Sleeping position and conditions
  • Joint pains
  • Challenging emotional thoughts
  • Psychological issues
  • Physiological issues

No matter the issue that is contributing to your sleep deprivation, any improvement on your sleeping conditions will depend on the actions you take. You can visit a physical therapist or a mental health doctor to help you solve your sleep deprivation issue.

You can also do some research online to try and find tips and tricks on how to improve your sleeping conditions.

Above everything, the importance of a good night’s sleep towards your general well being cannot be overstated.

Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

To understand the importance of getting good sleep, it is important to first know some of the long term as well as short term effects of sleep deprivation.

In the short term you might experience

  • Ruined relationships at work as well as at home because of the pent up negative emotions and frustration from sleepless nights.
  • Also since your body is denied good rest, in the short term you will tend to lose interest in being active, exercising and even going to work.
  • In the short term, insufficient sleep can also reduce your short term memory therefore reducing your effectiveness.

The long term effects associated with sleep deprivation include;

  • A weakened immune system
  • Poor cognitive functioning
  • Excessive gaining of weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Sometimes it can even lead to a premature death.

The above side effects of sleep deprivation reveal that as simple as sleeping might be, it should not be overlooked as it serves an important purpose in keeping your body healthy and at its full capacity.

Creating the right sleeping conditions

So now you understand that sleep is not only good for you but also important, but how do you go about improving your sleeping conditions?

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your sleeping condition and get rid of sleep deprivation.

You can start by ensuring that your sleeping environment is dark enough. Do this by putting out all sources of light from the room including chargers, TV screens and other electronic power indicators. Also remember to block out the street glare and sunlight or moonlight sufficiently.

Apart from the lighting, also make sure that your sleeping area is nice and quiet with exception to the silent humming of fans and machines. You can also play some background music that you find calming enough to sleep with.

Finally, it is important to also improve your beddings and this will include your comforters, sheets, pillows and mattress. The best option here is to go for the right level of warmth that allows you to relax comfortably while still being cool enough to sleep.

Getting the right beddings is not all about the softness of the materials but also about the convenience depending on your needs. For instance, you can get cooling pillows that help you keep cool instead of regular lumpy and compressed pillows that have no support for hot sleepers and are not breathable. A good pillow that stays cool is an item that you can add to your beddings to help you get better sleep easily.

How to the best cooling pillows

When getting a cooling pillow, there are two a couple of factors to consider. Before going for a purchase think about the material that best suits your needs. These are some of the important issues that you should think about when selecting the best cooling pillow:


When it comes to the firmness of your cooling pillow, you can choose between two categories.

  • Stuffed cooling pillows

Like the feathers and down filled pillow, a stuffed cooling pillow comes with loose material. Some in this category use soft little beads while other are filled with shredded memory foam. By this mechanism they are capable of drawing heat keeping you cool while you sleep. If you are looking for soft pillows that will help support your head while also keeping you cool at night these can be a great option

  • Solid cooling pillow

Solid cooling pillows come in varieties. They can be textured or perforated and are formed by using slabs of specialty foam made by mixing different materials together to make a solid block. Compared to stuffed pillows, these ones offer more firmness and can be a preferred choice for hot sleepers who need firm support.

Cooling Method

It is important for you to consider the cooling method that best suits your sleeping patterns. While some cooling pillows require you to flip sides at night to get to the cooler side, others use cooling gel and the best gel pillows are those that keep you cool all night. Some will use a cooling pad while others will use a breathable cover to keep improve air flow and keep you cool through the night.


Different cooling pillows are manufactured using different materials depending on the brand. High quality cooling materials are made with safe especially to those who are allergic to certain elements. A good cooling pillow also has to be eco-friendly and easy to clean.


While some cooling pillows are made to fit plush consumer standards, they come at a high price. Fortunately there are other quality cheap cooling pillows that still provide the same convenience at an affordable price.

Hand Wash vs. Machine Wash

A brilliant way to keep your cooling pillows in good condition is to wash them including their covers. While you can easily clean the pillow covers as well as machine wash the pillow itself some cooling pillows will not come with covers and cannot be machine washed. Be sure to go for a cooling people that come with easy maintenance.

Comfort and Support

Depending on your needs, you will have to choose a cooling pillow that also gives great support to your head, neck and shoulders. Quality support will align your spine allowing you to relax and sleep well. Choose a pillow that supports your body while maintaining the comfort required for deep sleep.

Types of cooling pillows

So now you know what to look for when buying cooling pillows but how do you tell apart the different types of cooling pillows?

With the many variations of cooling pillows available, getting one that fits your needs is not always a walk in the park. Hopefully this list of the different types available will help you decide on the best cooling pillow to purchase.

  1. Water pillows

These water pillows are fitted with a foam layer that has been previously saturated with water. The foam makes it easy to cool down your body when using it. It can also help to disperse heat while sleeping without the need for refrigeration.

2. Memory Foam Gel Pillows

The best gel pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Although a large number of memory foam pillows are made out of gel, some are made out of wool, down feather or even latex. Each material is designed with a specific purpose.

While latex memory foams offer the most support to your neck and back, Wool cooling pillows work best for people who suffer from allergic reactions when sleeping. In addition memory foam pillows made from down feather are some of the softest pillows available and you can easily adjust them according to your needs.

The memory foam gel pillow contains a gel that can streamline the neck and back and ultimately give you ultra-comfort. You can rest your head and back when sleeping while the gel helps to absorb any heat from your body this results into a cooling effect all night.

3. Down Feather Pillows

Since down feathers are known to provide a comprehensive form of insulation to a bird, they make up for adjustable pillow fillings. With a down feather pillow you can easily fluff it to comfort. You can also use it to support your head, neck and even your back depending on how comfortable you would like to be.

4. Buckwheat Pillow.

Buckwheat pillows are not only known to last longer buy are also eco-friendly making them safe to use even for pregnant women. They are efficient as cooling pillows as they easily allow the flow of air in and around the pillow. This type of cooling pillow can also provide excellent comfort to your head or neck while still keeping you cool at night

Now let’s check out the best 10 cooling pillows you can buy

Review of the 10 Best Cooling Pillows

  1. ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Are you a side sleeper? If yes, then this pillow has been specifically created to address your needs. With sleep deprivation affecting a huge number of people nowadays, ISO-Cool provides great cooling solutions for better sleep.

The pillow stands a reputation for honesty with  accurate and seamless service that has earned it trust and confidence from consumers worldwide. The company has been operating for over 15 years.  Their cooling pillows have been tested and are made to fit quality standards.

The pillow comes with the kind of thickness and durability that you would expect from a pillow filled with quality visco elastic memory foam. Most side sleepers’ will make it a favorite since its gusseted design is plush and comfortable measuring 16 x 22 2.

Thanks to its microscopic PCM beads, the heat absorption mechanism on this pillow is precise, allowing you to feel cool or warm as you wish. Furthermore it’s made of 100% cotton fiber and it’s also breathable to ensure that you get the cooling comfort you desire.

Even if you are a side sleeper this cooling pillow is made with extra thick sides to give you the much needed support.

Plus it is designed to be durable for a longer period adding to its value. For anyone looking for a balance between a soft and firm pillow this memory foam pillow is a great pick

  • Durable
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Affordable


  • Not thick enough for some
  • Not High Enough for some users


Although some customers have pointed out that the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is not thick enough or high enough for their needs, it still stands out for the comfort it provides. If you are a side sleeper looking for a pillow that will keep you cool throughout the night, this one here is a great option.

2. Good Life Essentials Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

When you have a tone of work and are too tired to sleep, the solution can be as simple as getting a good pillow. Fortunately, Good life essentials identifies sleep deprivation as one of the biggest obstacles to productivity. It is for this reason that its main agenda is to come up with a universal solution to this problem by manufacturing outstanding cooling pillows that consumers find affordable.

The Good Life Essentials Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover is a must have for anyone looking to improve their sleep. If you have insomnia, migraines, neck and back pains, as well as snoring and allergies, this cooling pillow can be of great relief. It is designed for both back and side sleepers and it’s manufactured with a five star quality that is quite affordable at its price.

If you enjoy sleeping in different positions, you will love this pillow since you can custom mold it to get comfortable in any position. Plus it gives amazing neck and back support that is ideal for anyone fond of turning and tossing in their sleep.


This is the kind of bamboo pillow that you will want to keep all to yourself thanks to its great support and comfort for stomach, back and side sleepers. Furthermore, since it comes with a 50% bamboo cover you can depend on it to be breathable allowing you sufficient ventilation as you stay cool all through those hot summer nights.

The shredded foam that this cooling pillow comes with is designed to be hypoallergenic meaning anyone with allergies can use it comfortably without suffering.

Being built for comfort and durability, this cooling pillow is also easy to maintain as it is machine washable

If you want to fill like you are sleeping on a cloud this pillow is a purchase you don’t want to miss especially since it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Durable design
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for a variety of sleeping issues


  • A bit too thick for side sleepers

The Good Life Essentials Memory Foam Pillow is a must have for anyone looking for a cooling pillow with a good balance soft and firm back and neck support. Although there are a few consumers that find it a bit too thick, this pillow has a universal design as well as a global appeal that is quite affordable at the same time.

  1. PharMeDoc Cooling Memory Foam Contour Pillow

For a company that has only been in the scene since 2012, PharMeDoc has outdone itself for its devotion towards giving people sleep deprivation solutions. Its approach to work is dedicated towards achieving recovery for a well nurtured body mind ad soul. As a manufacturer of bedding products, it has managed to improve consumer’s lifestyle through its functional technology and designs.

The pharmdoc cooling memory foam is a masterpiece especially considering its hypoallergenic pillow casing that is not only removable but also easy to clean as well as beautifully designed.

It comes with a lifetime warranty meaning you get to enjoy 100% guarantee of a safe and durable product. On top of that is its supportive memory foam is soft and comfortable thanks to an infused cooling gel.

This cooling pillow is an ideal pick for anyone suffering from back , neck and other body pains as its shaped in a contoured shape for embedded muscle cooling properties while also keeping your spine aligned. The contoured design helps boost sleep and can have you in dreamland within no time.

Its height is also customizable to help reduce body tension for a night of comfortable sleep without any interruption.

  • Removable pillow case that is easy to wash
  • Hypoallergenic and eco friendly
  • Ideal for back neck and body support
  • Keeps cool with its cooling gel technology
  • Memory foam that adapts to any shape
  • Ideal for pregnancy sleep support, side sleepers as well as back sleepers


  • Although the covers are washable the pillow itself is not washable
  • Takes a week or two to get used to it


If you are looking for a cooling pillow with great memory foam, this cooling pillow stands out from the rest. The PharMeDoc Cooling Memory foam pillow is a great purchase for anyone looking for a cooling pillow that can last over a long time. It gives good support to back and side sleepers as well as expectant mothers. With its removable and washable cover you can maintain it with ease even though you can’t wash the pillow itself.

  1. Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

You can never go wrong investing in your sleep because having a productive day is a result of getting a good night sleep. That is where Equinox comes in as an international provider of sleep deprivation solutions. Its services allow consumers to be robust and efficient in their day to day life thanks to the revolutionary technology it deploys in manufacturing.

The Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow is designed for therapeutic cooling as well as providing your body with extra heat when needed. This is mostly thanks to its unique design that promotes airflow. It has stylish washable covers that allow for easy cleaning and since it comes in a gift box that is also stylish, this cooling pillow can be a great gift to a loved one.

If you love to travel and hate the idea of leaving your favorite pillow behind, no worry as its uniquely designed for easy travelling so that you can go with it anywhere with ease. This cooling pillow really sets itself apart from the rest especially due to its memory foam that leaves you well rested all through the night.

It’s a cooling pillow designed for hot sleepers since it has a fabric pillow cover that does not only feel smooth to touch but also wicks away moisture while you sleep. It also features a cooling gel so that your nights of tossing and turning can be replaced by deep therapeutic cooling throughout the night.


If you are worried about your pillow going flat, you can count on its 5 inch thickness as well as the fluff that is unique with Equinox pillows. Besides if it doesn’t satisfy your demands you can return it within 30 days money back guarantee.

As If that is not enough it also has a 5 year warranty that make is a stress free purchase.

  • Its color designs blends in any home
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a 5 year warranty
  • The memory foam Easily conforms to your needs
  • Safe and free from health risks


  • Might need some getting used to
  • A bit pricey


Although it is relatively new, this Equinox Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow surprisingly has a good number of positive reviews. It is ideal for a variety of uses and can be a great add on to your beddings for deep uninterrupted sleep.

  1. Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

Sleep restoration goes the extra mile when it comes to creating plush pillows at affordable prices. Its patented designs are luxurious and will leave you feeling as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

With fade and strain resistance its pillows can stand the test of time and last for a long time period.  It deploys a team of experts in manufacturing premium gel pillows that attract many consumers due to the state of the art craftsmanship that is displayed in all its products.

The sleep restoration gel pillow is without a doubt a bang for the buck when it comes to affordability. It is made of a luxurious gel fiber to give you the comfort you need at night. With a no shift construction design you can rest assured that this cheap cooling pillow will give your head and shoulders a good resting that will put you to sleep in no time.

Additionally its resistant to mold, dust, mite and mildew making it a good fit for anyone with asthma or other respiratory allergies. What’s more is that it is also strain and fade resistant meaning you get a machine washable pillow that will last long

If for any reason you get it and you are not satisfied, it’s easy. With the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you can return it for a full refund. Therefore if you are looking for a plush cooling pillow with all the benefits, this one here is one not to miss.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Luxurious quality
  • No shift design for head and neck support
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t come with pillow covers


The Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow is a perfect fit for anyone with a taste for the finest sleeping experience. It comes with all the features that make up a premium gel pillow making it attractive for many consumers. Although it doesn’t come with its own pillow covers, the fact that its machine washable makes it a must have for your bedroom.

  1. Snuggle Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bambo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle pedic has built a reputation for itself as a dedicated online business that focuses on delivering value to consumers. With over 20 years experience in the industry it has continued to create quality heath products including memory health foams with the intention of helping get rid of sleep deprivation.

The Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow is stylish for it’s “kool-Flow” technology that uses 6% lycra to keep you cool all through the night. This neck pain pillow is designed to never go flat thanks to its shredded style memory foam that is made out of 43% viscose or bamboo to keep it breathable soft and well ventilated.

It’s also hypoallergenic to keep it free from dust and mite while also being compliant to eco- friendly standards of shipping. Plus its free from all ozone depletes meaning you can use it without any worries.

This cooling pillow comes with an outer cover that can be removed easily thanks to the zipper design. And with an adjustable thickness, this pillow is capable of giving you the support you need for your neck, back and stomach.

  • Safe to be used as its made free from harmful chemicals
  • Ideal for back and neck pains as well as pregnancy
  • Designed not to go flat easily


  • It does not come with a pillow cover


The snuggle pedic is a great pillow as it is available in different sizes giving you a variety of options to chose from as you search for true comfort. It is comes with amazing features and can be a good start towards getting a cooling pillow that will solve your sleeping problems.

  1. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Finding an adjustable cooling pillow has never been easier and this is all thanks to Coop home Goods, a family owned business that puts the customer’s interest first. With a team of young and passionate individuals, it believes in producing quality products on a daily basis. This is why we had to have one of their pillows on our cooling pillows buying guide.

The next most important feature after getting a reliable cooling pillow is the adjustability of the pillow to fit your comfort. If you are seeking to strike this balance, go for the Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Pillow as it comes with a mix of shredded visco elastic memory foams that are adjustable. With this cooling pillow you can adjust the pillow to your comfort each time you switch a sleeping position

Plus you can use it stress free without worrying about the side effect of harmful chemicals as its manufactured to satisfy the CertiPur-US standards. This is a good pillow for anyone with respiratory allergies as it’s designed to be machine washable and it’s also hypoallergenic.

With a 5 year warranty on it you can be sure that this pillow won’t go flat any time soon allowing you the convenience that comes with its durability. Furthermore the bamboo fabric that it comes with is breathable adding to the convenience that this cooling pillow can provide you.

  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Dust and mite resistant
  • Adjustable memory foam
  • Breathable cover


  • Easily tears around pets with claws


The Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam pillow is a great choice for a cooling people as it is easy to wash and adjust for comfort. With great support for your head and neck, this makes up a part of cheap pillows you can give yourself for deep sleep as soon as your head lands on it.

  1. Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

Penguin Pillow Mat is a reputable cooling pillow manufacturer and has produced quality pillows over the years. With a precise system of value delivery through the application of the patented technology, it has managed to attract a global audience by solving sleeping problems.

The Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat, is not just the largest cooling pillow you will find on Amazon but also one of the most flexible cotton blend pillows you will find. It has a blue gel mat that does not leak since it does not use water.

Plus it allows you to move around with it as you enjoy its cooling sensation making it a must have for travel due to its easy storage and portability. With this cooling pillow mat you get the option of refrigerating it if you are having unbearable heated up nights to get that extra chilling effect.

Unlike other brand this cooling pillow mat’s inner gel is a continuous piece instead of a segmented one. This means you get to enjoy the comfort of a pillow without ridges and groves.

In fact this cooling pillow goes beyond providing you a cool night and also works to eliminate migraines, hot flashes, neck pain, fever as well as headaches and more.

  • Ideal for a variety of sleeping issues
  • Does not leak
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to travel with
  • High quality finish


  • Doesn’t come with its own pillow underneath


Anyone going for a cooling pillow mat should check out the Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat. It’s packed with great features that are reliable for maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern. It is one of the best options for a cooling pillow for anyone.

  1. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow, Standard

Since 1971 the Classic Brands has been dedicated to coming up with innovative premium quality mattresses. With state of the art craftsmanship, it has managed to provide the mattress comfort like no other. That is why it has expanded to producing pillows and other beddings while maintaining its high reputation.

The Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow has a medium luxury feel that cradles your neck and head with its soft and comfortable memory foam. It’s simply a must have for anyone looking for a memory foam cooling pillow that has a reversible cool gel.

In fact the cool gel memory foam plays an important role of regulating temperature as well as distributing heat evenly to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. With a 5-inch thickness this memory foam pillow is a good fit for anyone that loves sleeping on their side, back or stomach.

Have an allergy that keeps getting on the way of your sleep? Don’t worry as this cooling pillow is hypoallergenic meaning you won’t have any allergic reaction. Plus you can wash it with your washing machine for easy maintenance.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft and comfortable support
  • Keeps cool all night
  • Easily conforms to your heads shape
  • Machine washable covers


  • Some users find it a little too soft for neck joint pain


If you have been a hot sleeper waking up with the uncomfortable feeling of being drenched, then you are one step away from waking up dry from a good night sleep. The Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Pillow is a must have for hot sleepers and it doesn’t matter if you are allergic as it’s hypoallergenic.

  1. Hypoallergenic Pillow – Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The best thing about getting a cooling pillow goes beyond the qualities of the pillow itself. You need the manufacturer to really understand your needs and what better way to do that than by having a manufacturer who has suffered like you.

This is why Xtreme Comforts shines since it’s bedding products are built by individuals who have themselves gone through sleep deprivation issues for a bunch of reasons. With the need to offer a solution to their own problems, they ended up providing quality and durable products at a reasonable price to a large group of people.

The Hypoallergenic Pillow is one of the best rated pillow and for a good reason. It comes with a bamboo cover that is soft and features a “kool flow” technology keeping it breathable for a cool experience throughout the night.

If you are all about comfort, this cooling pillow won’t disappoint as it comes with quality memory foam that keeps the surface cozy for deep sleep. This cooling pillow is a favorite among allergy sufferers as its hypoallergenic allowing you to stay free from any allergens such as dust and mite.

Furthermore it promotes better sleeping patterns and prevents tossing and turning to keep your spine well aligned while you sleep.

  • Dust and mite resistant
  • Keeps cool all night
  • Breathable design
  • Comes with a 6 year warranty
  • Machine washable


  • Doesn’t come with extra pillow covers


As the last cooling pillow on our list the Hypoallergenic Pillow – Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is designed to be the ultimate pillow for hot sleepers that also have other issues such as allergies, migraines, neck pain, and insomnia among other issues. It can help you wake up felling refreshed after a good night’s sleep

How to maintain your cooling pillows

Although standard pillows need to be replace at least once every year, the requirements for cooling pillows is quite different. The cooling pillows are designed to last long plus many of them come with long term warranty.  It is important to think about how to maintain them so that they can last even longer.

Cooling pillows may vary a lot. Some come with a cooling gel while others come with a cooling pad and others feature memory foams. Despite these differences there are a couple good practices you can carry out to keep your cooling pillow fresh and new.

You can clean the memory foam pillow by first removing the case and dusting away debris and hair. Then run a vacuum over the surface of the pillow thereafter spot cleaning stains with a mild cleaner.

While spot cleaning be careful and make sure that the foam does not get saturated. Now let it stay upright as it dries up in a place that is well ventilated. One may experience problems with the odor after washing. This can be solved by sprinkling baking powder on the surface of the pillow and vacuum it off.

Be sure to change the pillow covers once in a while to keep it in its best shape.


With the pillows reviewed above, you are in a better shape to take control of your sleeping patterns again. It doesn’t matter what is causing your sleepless nights. With a little effort you can sleep soundly and wake up filling better than ever. Be sure to share this article with friends and loved ones that might find it useful.









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