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What is Affiliate Titan 3 and how does it work?

Affiliate Titan 3 is a new approach to affiliate marketing that comes in a bundle of soft-wares and a 30 page-pdf tutorial. The software tools are designed to boost your affiliate marketing by guiding you as an affiliate on how to generate daily profits. It aims at placing product information in front of the potential buyers within the shortest time possible.

Are you an Affiliate marketer? Have you been struggling to locate the most converting products? Are you ready to crush it in your affiliate marketing and take it to the next level? ​Then this is product is meant for you!!!!!

Product : Affiliate Titan 3.0

The Package: 6 Softwares and PDF tutorial guide.​

Creator : Chris et al

Niche : Marketing (Affiliate) Software

Launch date : Feb-28, 2017.

Target Audience: Affiliate Marketers.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended​

Price: Current offer price? $9.95 Regular Price : $147.00

With the tools, you will learn how to get the best offers from Amazon, Click bank and JVZoo. The softwares will further help you to generate free traffic to your site from Google and YouTube. The software training course is on offer at $ 7 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Affilliate Titan 3 package provides six pieces of software for one price. The first four tools guide you on how to locate affiliate programs to promote while the final two help you to promote your products and at the same time generate free traffic.


Quality 95%
Support 90%
Features 95%
Easy to Use 98%

A brief review of the tools:

King of Zon:

It is a new website where you can find profitable affiliate programs on products from Amazon database. It is updated every 24 hours giving you the products the products that are offering the highest commissions for that particular day.

Launch Pulse:

This software will help you identify the top massive product launches on JVZoo, Click bank and Warrior Plus for the next 30 days.

CB 250

This is a database that gives you the top 250 Click bank affiliate programs. You can filter the program list by category, gravity, etc. to decide on the best product to promote.

King of Zoo

This is a database that contains the most profitable affiliate programs making profits more than thousands of dollars every day. It contains all the information that you may require on a product including:

· Price

· Number of the pieces sold

· Popularity of the product

· Score (out of ten)

· EPC (Earnings per Click)

One Click Affiliate.

This tool is preloaded with over 100 blocks of copy/script text. It will auto create profitable affiliate websites, scripts and landing pages for any of the products you want to promote.

Video Creator (Rapid Video Ranker)

This tool enables you to auto-create profitable YouTube videos within a blink of an eye, consequently ranking the top of YouTube instantly.

NOTE: At the end of the discount price, the price of the program will be 147 for every license sold.

How does Affiliate Titan 3 work?

The software operates in three distinct steps:

Step one: The first step is to locate a profitable affiliate program. There are over 6,000 affiliate programs to promote in Affiliate Titan every month across Amazon, Click bank, and Zoo.

Step 2: Create your promotion Campaign in a minute. Create your sales script automatically with the One Click affiliate tool. Choose from 100 already-done-for-you proven copy templates. This can all be done under a minute.

Step 3: Generate free traffic with a video. You will accomplish this with the Rapid Rank Video software. Just import the video you created with the One Click software and upload it to YouTube. Your video will automatically rank number one on YouTube and Google.

This effortlessly places your information in front of the targeted buyers turning the free traffic into instant commissions.

How will you benefit from Affiliate Titan 3.0?

 The six soft-wares are very easy to use

    • You will be able to locate best high converting affiliate rates.
    • You will be guided on how to predict the next top affiliate products.
    • You will learn how to generate free targeted traffic to your site.
    • You will enjoy Clarity of information through video demonstrations.
    • You will save the time you would otherwise have used in conducting a manual product research


  • The six software are easy to use.
  • I love 1 Click Affiliate that generate sales page Templates.
  • Save me tons of time by not doing manual product research.


  • Support respond time a bit slow if needed

It is pretty common that you will find several upsells after the initial purchase.

But it is optional.

Chris & Ken have other products that they will be promoting. That includes past products for sure.

The upsells may or may not be beneficial. It depends on your needs. You got to make a personal decision on this

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