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What is Uptrack Link Cloaking Software and what does it do?

Up track is the next generation link cloaking that will allow marketers to track and optimize every part of a marketing campaign. The app was created to seal a gap in the marketing industry. Earlier on, marketers had to either pay hefty amount of money on a monthly basis for an enterprise or opt for a subsidized amount for unreliable tracking that was not capable of tracking through the entire funnel.




PRICE: $33.99




Are you an Internet Marketer? Are your campaigns converting well? Your you love to tripple you income? If yes then Uptrack link cloaking app is for you.

Uptrack link cloaking app cushions one from some of the problem that marketers encounter:

Most marketers do not use any tracking at all. They let the entire campaign determines its course thus end up failing miserably

Use for Facebook for tracking: Other marketers solely rely on Facebook racking and conversion statistics. This once again leads to a massive fail.

While a certain percentage of marketers marketers track their funnels partially. They therefore cannot determine the success of tracking. Tracking success can only be measured by analyzing the funnels as whole (Complete).

Reliance on free tracking devices. Marketers who depend on Google Analytics to do their tracking experience challenges as these apps do not have all the features that one needs for a successful tracking campaign.

Still some other marketers do not set up their tracking systems properly .This will inevitably lead to inaccurate results.

Watch the product in action below!​

Features of Uptrack program

· Unlimited websites: There is no limit as to how many websites you can track.

· Unlimited funnels: Uptrack will allow you track your sales funnels without having to worry about any limitations.

· Unlimited offers: You will be allowed to add as many offers or steps as you want in your sales funnels.

· Ease of use: You will set up your tracking campaign in two simple clicks.

· Revival of failing campaigns: you will be able to revive your failing campaigns and convert them into profitable ROI campaigns

· Single product tracking: up track will enable you to create a single product tracking campaign to have an insight into who is buying your products.

· Uptrack tracking app will work on any link. You will be empowered to track: Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, Word press, e-mails, affiliate networks and even mobile ads.

· Uptrack tracking app is able to track every aspect of your marketing campaign; source of traffic, cost, profits and conversions.

· All the links in uptrack are cloaked for total deliverability.

· You will have access to unlimited funnel steps. You can go as deeply as you want with Uptrack sales funnels.

Overall Uptrack General Rating

      100%  Ease to Use
  98% Quality
  95% Support
100%  Price

Benefits of Up track

  • Uptrack tracking app will make you spend less on Facebook Ads
  • The Uptrack tracking app will improve your FB ROI.
  • You will improve your CPA results.
  • Uptrack will multiply your shopify profits.
  • You will triple your affiliate earnings with UpTrack
  • As a marketer, you will maximize your Tee –spring profits.
  • With this app, you have no limitation whatsoever. You can track limitless websites, funnels and tracking links.
  • Uptrack tracking app is User friendly.It provides you with ‘at a glance’ stat breakdown panel so that you can easily view your progress.
  • Uptrack tracking app give you full access. The app will give you both single and full scales funnel tracking.
  • Instant access.Uptrack gives you immediate access to fully cloud –hosted tracking and cloaking software.
  • Indepths.Uptrack gives an in-depth analysis informing you what is (not) working.


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