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What to know abut margaritas before you buy.

Frozen margaritas can enliven any party. But if you’re making your margaritas with a home blender, you might find yourself spending your entire party as the bartender. A way around this is to investigate renting margarita machines. By renting margarita machines, you’ll be able to serve your guests frosty margaritas.

But you won’t have to spend your entire party mixing these drinks. It’s the best of both worlds. With a rented margarita machine, you’ll be able to serve anywhere from 20 to 60 guests tasty frozen margaritas. The good news is that these machines are extremely simple to operate.

You merely have to plug in your margarita machine, add the appropriate amount of margarita mix and wait. That’s it. In fact, many newer models don’t even require their users to add ice. They rely instead on an internal cooling system- instant slushy delight! You can either add tequila directly to the mix or make your margaritas without any alcohol and then allow your guests to add their own tequila according to their own tastes.

Margarita machines can also function as slush machines and make several other frozen drinks. In fact, you can pretty much use your rented secret weapon to serve your guests any frozen drink you can imagine. You just need to add the proper ingredients them. For example, you can make a fresh Pina colada by adding coconut and pineapple juice. You can make homemade mudslides by adding vodka and Kahlua. Your options are only limited by your own imagination.

Renting margarita machines is a simple task, too. Just check your phone book for party rental companies. Most of them now have a full line of margarita makers waiting for your next party. Rental fees will vary, at times significantly. So, you might want to shop around before settling on a special margarita machines. Also expect to pay more on the holidays- after all that’s when everyone wants to party!

You should also ask party rental companies if they drop off, set up and then pick up the rented equipment. Many companies will do this, and this will save you plenty of time and hassle. The only thing you may have to do is add the margarita mix!

There are many ways to set your next party apart. But renting margarita machines is one of the easiest and most memorable ways to create a party that your guests will remember. If you want your guest to feel like they are gathering in a tiki bar on some faraway tropical island, just hand them a fresh, cool frozen margarita. There are few better ways to bring a bit of tropical magic to your next summer gathering.

Types of Margarita Maker

 Title Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000 Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas Nostalgia Electrics HSB-590

1.      Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000

The Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti Frozen Concoction maker is the ultimate creation when it comes to creating your own homemade frozen drinks. It has not one or two, but three independent mixing stations that all deliver restaurant like frozen drinks with the push of a single button.

The Margaritaville DM3000 has 6 different drink types: (other models have a maximum of 4) margaritas, coladas, daiquiris, mojitos, mudslides and smoothies. It quickly becomes the center of the party with its turning ice cute and incredible power.

Designed with high end bamboo with an aluminum and stainless-steel finish, it looks both stylish and high end. You can make up to 72 ounces of frozen drinks at a time, making this product ideal for large parties and big BBQ events.

Features and specifications

  • Blending jar and all its components are 100% dishwasher proof
  • Ability to create 72 ounces of frozen drinks in one go
  • Makes high quality and smooth frozen drinks every single time
  • Will immediately become the center of attention and topic of conversation with its impressive power and design
  • Stylish design with bamboo wood and aluminum finish

Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti reviews

Initially we didn’t want to research this product as we didn’t think anyone was interested due to the relatively high price. However, we quickly realized that not only did this product have solely positive reviews, but it had reviews from people who were literally blown away with the functions of the Margaritaville DM3000.

This product basically has everything. A lot of people love the flexibility of this product in that you can use it for both small family events to create a couple of frozen drinks and you can use it at large parties to literally create pitchers and pitchers of perfect drinks. A lot of the reviews talked about how they use their Margaritaville DM3000 for everything including Frappuccino, smoothies, slushies/snow cones for the kids, margaritas etc.


Our research was very clear and 95% of the feedback on the Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti Frozen Concoction maker was very positive. We can recommend Margaritaville DM3000 to anyone who is looking for something that is unique and is going to blow away your guests with amazement.

2.      Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas

At a whopping 450-watts this Margarita maker takes no prisoners in the battle for kitchen supremacy. The Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas makes up to one full quart of beverages at once, meaning you can be the life of the party and a frozen drink virtuoso without spending all night in the kitchen.

When the party’s over and the guests are all gone, you can break the blending jar down and clean it easily, as it has dishwasher safe parts. Because of the ice is physically separate from the blending container, clean up as a snap and you just pop the sticky parts into the dishwasher. It also ships with a shot glass, ice shaver, and some tasty recipes.

To use it, all you have to do is load the top with ice, put your concoctions into the jar, and press a button. Instead of using crushed ice, this Margarita maker uses shaved ice, which results in a much more consistent drink. Melted ice is siphoned off, ensuring your drinks are not watered down.

What are the features?

The Margaritaville brand is known for making a quality frozen drink machine, and the Bahamas model is no exception. There’s not a whole lot of assembly- basically you attach the ice bucket and you’re in business. Speaking of ice, that’s what really sets this frozen drink machine apart from the competition.

If you like the consistency of a restaurant Margarita, you’ll love the drinks this machine puts out. Of course, like all appliances, it pays to read the instructions. Be sure to carefully mix your recipe, the proportions are a bit different than other slush machines.

Another nice feature of the Margaritaville Bahamas is the ability to shave ice. You just fill up the hopper with ice cubes and flip the shave switch and you get perfect, consistent shaved ice. Of course, the mighty Margarita is not the only trick of the Bahamas can perform, you can make daiquiris, slushies, and even healthy smoothies.


The only cons for this machine primarily have to with size. It’s a bit tall, and if you are kitchen cabinets don’t leave much clearance from your countertop it may not fit. The other side of the coin is that with all of your new friends and neighbors coming over, you might have to buy a bigger Margarita maker to supply the demand.

3.      Nostalgia Electrics HSB-590

They use ice-shaving blades instead of regular blender blades, they have special insulated containers, they have separate motors for mixing, they’re really big, they have spouts, and a host of other innovations. The Nostalgia Electrics Margarator is one of these specialized blending machines that claim to make a perfect margarita. Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything perfect about the margarita that this machine can make.

Margarator is no Margaritaville

The benchmark for the new margarita machines is the Margaritaville series. Lots of people cringe when they see their prices, though, because the assumption is that these products are just one-function blenders. And therein lies the problem: the Margarator is a one-function blender, not a margarita maker. Therefore, it can’t make margaritas. Here’s why:

  • Impossible to shave ice in a blender unit
  • The only convenient design plus – a spigot – doesn’t work
  • Motor and drive train frequently go out
  • No automatic measuring, no drink options

Built to last until the second use!

The Nostalgia Electrics Margarator scores well in the pitcher area. The walls are thick and insulated, and they’ll keep your drinks cold for a while. The lid’s pretty sturdy. All of this is just like a blender. What’s not like a blender is a convenient spigot on the front that lets you fill up a glass without having to touch the pitcher. This is really nice for when everyone’s lost the ability to pour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because it’s the wrong kind of plastic.

Plastic’s not all bad. All of my lawn furniture is made out of plastic, and other than one chair that an intoxicated pal deliberately broke for the sake of making a funny video, they’ve stood up to freezes and blistering sun quite well. But then there’s the cheap plastic that you find all over the dollar stores and in kids’ fast food meal toys. The “Made in China” plastic.

The spigot is made of the cheap, dollar-store type plastic, and it’ll drip from the first use until you finally just give it up. You can try mashing and bashing it closed – won’t work. Sometimes if you pull the spigot open all the way and just let it snap back into place with its own force, it’ll close. I imagine you can do these three or four times before the whole spigot breaks, if you’re lucky that it lasts that long.

Oh, you just got a bad model, you say. But customer service has a different story. If you call them up, they know what’s wrong because they deal with it a lot. They just won’t fix it. They’ll send you a new spigot, though.

Trial-and-error drink preparation

Unlike the Margaritaville series, where you measure the mix based on the number of drinks and the machine automatically shaves enough ice for you, the Margarator is a guessing game. Measuring mix isn’t a problem, but adding ice is. Ice floats, so it’s going to be difficult to blend all of it, and you can’t measure ice cubes. If you crush your ice first, it’ll be easier to measure and blend.

Why You Need a Frozen Margarita Machine

You’re sitting on the terrace watching the shadows lengthen on a balmy summer afternoon with a group of friends. What’s wrong with this picture? You need a cocktail! Summer is the ultimate frozen cocktail time, and whether you’re a regular sunbather or a frequent party-thrower, you should consider getting a frozen margarita machine.

Less Mixing, More Mingling

Anyone can make a frozen margarita in a blender, but a margarita machine makes it a lot easier to serve to a crowd. Margarita mixes usually come in huge containers, and if you’re mixing in a blender, you have to measure the servings out one by one. It’s much more convenient to just dump the whole thing into a margarita machine and turn on the switch.

With a machine, you can spend more time having fun at your own party.  Frozen margarita not only make you relax and enjoy yourself more with your host or hostess duties relieved, you can also keep an eye on the crowd. If your guests start getting too boisterous, do like a bartender does and thin out the mix a little. It’ll also keep your partygoers safer as they drive home. A frozen margarita machine helps you be a better host or hostess; when you can keep your eyes off the bar, you can keep your eyes on your guests.

Anytime and Anywhere

If you think your home is too small, or your parties too infrequent, to warrant getting a frozen margarita machine, you might be surprised. The machines belonging to the latest generation designed for home use are versatile enough to use for a single serving. You don’t have to measure out the mix every time either – just pour the mix into the machine, and let the machine decide how much to use for each glass.

A frozen margarita machine designed for home use is light enough to bring to other events as well, and even if you only use it to make three months out of the year, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. After all, people only use their Christmas decorations one month every year. One of these machines can make your summer so much more enjoyable that it’s worth every penny.

Hundreds of Drink Options

What if you’re just not a frozen margarita drinker? These machines can be used as multipurpose frozen drink machines. Although they’re specially designed to measure margarita mix and ice, you can use them without alcohol for virgin margaritas, or with your own homemade margarita mix. Try them with powdered drink mix for a kid’s slushies’, or with fruit juice for a healthier alternative.

Soda water, flavored syrup, and half-and-half make Italian cream sodas. Make iced coffee or tea drinks in a snap. Use flavored ice cubes for a whole new twist. A frozen margarita machine isn’t just a one-trick pony. It has enough tricks to keep the whole family – maybe even the whole neighborhood – cool and refreshed all summer.

How to Make Your Own Frozen Margarita

Summer hasn’t started until you’ve had a frozen margarita while sitting by the pool. It’s the official kick-off drink of the season, and summer parties and BBQs just wouldn’t be the same without it. There are lots of pre-made frozen margarita mixes available, but why not try making your own? It only takes a little time and creativity, and the end result is not only fresher and tastier, it’s much more impressive. You only need a few basic ingredients and an imagination.

Step One: Fun

If it doesn’t have tequila, it’s not a margarita. You don’t have to use top-shelf liquor, though, and with frozen margaritas you really shouldn’t because it’ll be overwhelmed with other flavors. Second-shelf liquor is OK, but don’t go any lower than that. If you’re making a pure classic frozen margarita with no mixes, though, spring for the best available.

Next, choose a flavored liqueur. Purists swear by Cointreau, but again, since it’s going to be sweet and frozen, the difference between Cointreau and another triple sec is nil. If you really want to experiment, forgo the orange liqueur entirely and try a schnapps in different citrus flavor or raspberry, peach, pomegranate… Just be aware that no one likes a peppermint frozen margarita.

Step Two: Flavor

Here’s where it starts to get fun. Look around your refrigerator. What fruity stuff do you have? Use it. A classic frozen margarita needs lime juice, but other citrus, peach, and pomegranate juices can be great, depending on the flavored liqueur you’re using. Try a blend of juices, or add ginger ale or another simple flavored soda for a surprising twist. You can even make your own syrups on the stovetop.

Real fruit juices usually need to be sweetened. Simple syrup is best (and easy to make), but other liquid sweeteners and extra fine sugar are OK too. You can use table sugar, but you’ll need to blend well.

Step Three: Form

You’ll need about 1/2 cup of small ice cubes, or three large ice cubes, for each margarita. Adding diced fruit is optional, but it really helps thicken up a frozen margarita, and it adds a great, creamy texture. Mango and strawberry are very popular, and kiwi, banana, berries, or any other soft fruit that complements your flavored liqueur are great too. Think about whether you’d enjoy your combination in a fruit salad. Yes? Then you’re good to go.


The golden rule for mixing margaritas is 7 parts tequilas, 4 parts flavored liqueur, and 3 parts juices. This all depends on your flavors, though. It’s best to blend for flavor and not for strength. You can always add just a splash more liquor, but it’s difficult to blend just a few more berries. Don’t forget about garnishes! A simple slice of fruit is all that’s needed to make the perfect frozen margarita.

Margarita Machine Rental Basics

You have two choices when hosting your next party: You can serve everyone frozen margaritas the old-fashioned way by crushing ice and mixing the drinks in a kitchen blender. Or you can go with a margarita machine rental and serve the tasty drinks with little fuss.

When you try to serve margaritas without a frozen margarita machine, the odds are you’ll spend your entire party in the kitchen, blending away. What fun is that? You hold a party to mingle and socialize with your guests, right? You can’t do that if you’re stuck in the kitchen all evening.

With a margarita machine rental, though, you can begin serving your frozen margaritas to your guests almost instantly. Even better, you won’t have to do hardly any work to do so. You’ll be credited with throwing a great party, and you won’t have to suffer the indignity of spending the entire event slaving away in your kitchen.

Renting a margarita machine is a simple task. In fact, all it requires is a quick trip to your local party supply store. You’ll find that most of these stores stock margarita machines that are available for rental. If you have a particularly large party supply store, you’ll find that it offers several different varieties and sizes of these margarita machines.

If you don’t have easy access to a party rental store, you can always search on the Internet for a margarita machine. Once you find your margarita machine, most party supply stores will happily deliver it to your home. Store drivers will also return the next day to pack up and take the machine away. See? It really is a simple process.

Once the rented margarita machine is in your home, setting it up is as easy as plugging it into the nearest wall socket. You can then fill your machine up with your margarita mix and alcohol. Many rented margarita machines don’t even require that you add crushed ice. They’re cold enough to turn whatever liquid you pour into them into a frozen, slushy treat.

If you get tired of serving margaritas, you can use your margarita machine rental to dispense other frozen drinks. You can even create “virgin” – or alcohol-free – drinks for the younger guests at your party. If you’re searching for a novel way to turn your next party into one to remember, consider a margarita machine rental. It’s an easy, and affordable way, to make sure that your next party or event stands out.


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