Best 8 Aquarium Air Pump Reviews and Buyers Guide for 2018

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What is Aquarium Air Pump

Aquarium air pumps enhance water flow surface area gas exchange. Air pumps usually used to run air-driven protein skimmers, ozonizers, sponge filters, especially beneficial quarantine aquariums, under gravel filtration BIO-wheel filtration, adding bubbles aquarium air stone.

Having a well-aerated tank stabilize pH levels supply oxygen respiration. Battery-operated air pumps available keep aquarium oxygenated in case of electric power failure.

Rarely have fishes survived on display without the aquarium air pump. The air pump not just pumps air into the water but circulates fresh oxygen and filters the waste from the aquarium water. After all, even fishes need a clean environment to live.

This site, we bring your reviews, tips and advice on which fish tank air pump rates the best and which one is right for your aquarium, as well as bring you other tips to keep your fish tank a healthy and pleasant environment  for your fish to live in.

Title Tetra 77851 Whisper Air Pump, 10-Gallon CNZ Aquarium Air Pump XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Water Filter for Aquarium Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump Tetra 77848 Whisper Air Pump, up to 40-Gallon


title VicTsing Aquarium and Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump with 2 Air stones/2M Silicone Tubes Marina 50 Air Pump JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump 200 Aquarium Air Pump  


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Types of aquarium Air Pumps

1.      Tetra 77851 Whisper Air Pump, 10-Gallon

The Tetra 77851 is one of the best air pumps and Amazon best seller Air pumps. This Air pump gives great aquarium water care solutions as it sends timely reminders for conservation activities hence safer to use.

This Whisper Air Pump is economical while providing you a reliable service and more support. It is well-organized and easy to use giving the aeration required for the aquarium. Designed for 10-gallon aquariums.

This Tetra Air Pump has a unique dome shape with sound dampening chambers which ensures a smooth quiet stream of air as well as minimizing turbulence giving the aquarium a peaceful environment.


  • Designed for a 10-gallon aquarium
  • It is more efficient and easy to use
  • It is economical and provides a reliable service
  • It operates quietly
  • It is powerful and of good quality
  • Tetra 77851 Whisper Air Pump is good for the money and so easy to operate even for the beginners. Consider buying this aquarium air pump and you’ll be amazed with its reliable services.

2.      CNZ Aquarium Air Pump

CNZ Air Pump is perfect for the aquariums as it supplies oxygen more sufficiently keeping your fish safe and healthy. It operates with minimal noise and is designed for tanks up to 20 gallons.

The air pump comes with four different sizes; single operated, double operated, 4-outlet and 6-outlet with different gallon sizes, to suit your aquarium type.

The Air Pumps are not only reliable but also operates at an economical cost serving you the best. It is more powerful with two more adjustable air outputs to ensure a healthier environment within the aquarium.

It is advisable that you place your air pump above the aquarium for it to be strong enough to power long decorator air stones, protein skimmers for salt water aquariums and multiple air stones in one or more different tanks.


  • Includes a check valve, air-stone and airline tubing
  • It’s reliable at an economical cost
  • Has minimal noise with maximum air flow
  • Comes with two-mode adjustable air output
  • Its single outlet up to 20-gallons tank

3.      XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Water Filter for Aquarium

Sponge filters requires you to install an airline into the unit to provide oxygenation, as well as filtration in the aquarium. The sponge in it helps to trap larger wasteful particles mechanically cleaning the water without trapping the little fish, making it suitable for breeding and for small fish.


  • It provides both aeration and filtration in the aquarium
  • Suitable for 20-gallons fish tank
  • It provides the perfect location for bacterial colonization
  • Features both biological and mechanical filtration
  • It does not trap small fish
  • It is perfect when breeding

4.      Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump

Uniclife air pump supplies oxygen to your aquarium more efficiently with minimal noise with its low power consumption and an advanced air-compressing system. This air pump is of high quality hence suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums.

It comes with adjustable valves so, you can adjust the airflow rate the way you need.

Product Features

  • Operates with minimal noise
  • Comes with adjustable flow rate with two outlets
  • Suitable for 20-100-gallon fish tanks
  • Includes two return valves, two air stones and two connectors
  • The air pump is perfect for both Marine and Freshwater aquariums
  • Has a free 12-month Air Tubing replacement guarantee

5.      Tetra 77848 Whisper Air Pump, up to 40-Gallon

Whisper air pumps are reliable and easy to operate handling the aeration needs starting from 10-100 gallons tank. These pumps can be used in deep aquarium tanks up to 8 feet deep and strong enough to power the multiple, or long-decorator air stones in one or more tanks as well as protein skimmers.

This Tetra 77848 comes with 7 different sized pumps to suit your aquarium. The pumps provide a high oxygen level in your aquarium to give your fish a healthier and safer environment.

This air pump features a unique dome shape and a rubber feet to flatten sound wave frequencies preventing them from reflecting off surfaces like tables and allows your pump to produce minimal noise.


  • Designed for aquarium tanks up to 40 gallon
  • Operates with minimal noise with maximum flow
  • Includes sound damping chambers with a dome shape for flattening the sound wave frequencies
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

6.      VicTsing Aquarium and Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump with 2 Air stones/2M Silicone Tubes

The VicTsing Aquarium Air Pump features two outlet vents for more support and to provide enough oxygen for two fish tanks simultaneously. You can also put them in one fish tank to produce more bubbles in accordance to your needs.

This Air Pump features a multi-level muffler which makes it operate quietly hence minimum noise which will not disturb you or the inhabitants at all.

VicTsing air pump is perfectly designed to add more water movement and provide enough oxygen in the aquarium tank to give your fish a comfortable and a healthier environment.

It is designed for small or medium sized fish tanks no matter the kind of inhabitants they have in them, such as freshwater and marine creatures.


  • Comes with two air stones and 2 silicon air tubes
  • Air Pump allows a maximum flow up to 3.5l per minute
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty and you will enjoy a 45 day money-back
  • Operates quietly

The pros of using VicTsing Air Pump

  1. The pump works great as it is expected
  2. It operates with low sound hence minimum noise
  3. It comes with an affordable price

The cons

  1. Cannot work greatly in larger aquariums, only recommendable for medium or small tanks
  2. The Air Pump cannot be used in water or outdoor
  3. Requires much attention

7.      Marina 50 Air Pump

Marina 50 Air Pump is quite a reliable source of air increasing water movement within the aquarium tank and turbulence to ensure proper oxygenation.

This air pump is strong, durable and long lasting, suitable for 5-15 gallons. It combines high performance output with a quiet operation and can as well operate items like air-actuated ornaments, air curtains and air stones perfectly.


  • It is durable and a long-lasting diaphragm
  • Ideal for 5-15 gallons tank
  • It’s reliable with a powerful airflow
  • Comes with a sound-dampening pump cover
  • It features a soft rubber feet suppress vibration

8.      JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump 200 Aquarium Air Pump

JW Fusion Air Pump comes at an affordable price and works extremely quite without noise distractions providing a quiet and peaceful environment.

This unique pump regulates the air flow within the aquarium with a constant powerful output. This patented Fusion air pump futures an electric air control knob which ensures a quiet and accurate air flow for the aquarium.


  • Operates quietly
  • Has a powerful airflow
  • Features a patented Fusion baffle system
  • It operates up to 2 air-operated ornaments, air-stones and filters

The pros

  1. This Fusion Air Pump operates quietly hence no much noise destruction’s from the aquarium.
  2. It comes with an affordable price
  3. It is economical

The Cons

  1. This air pump only works well in medium or small tanks
  2. It does not come with a check valve
  3. Some customers who bought the item complained that it broke fast just within a few weeks after buying it.

Aquarium Air Pump as a Basic Accessory

One of the basic accessories to start with when getting an aquarium is the air pump. The bubbles may appear nice to the eyes but are in fact the life-line for the marine life.

These air bubbles from the aquarium air pump help circulate the gases dissolved in the water and help push out the excess carbon dioxide out of the system. They agitate the surface as well as the inside of the aquarium and ensure a homogenous water body for the aquatic life.

The aquarium air pumps these days sports an air filter along with the pump body. Enthusiasts realized that it is just not possible to keep up piling different gadgets into the aquarium which in turn eats up the space for the free movement of the fishes.

Thus, the dual-purpose air pump cum air filter was introduced and since, has been lapped up fast. This product is almost flying out of shelves of the stores, selling such items.

Alternative Uses of Aquarium Air Pumps

Another thing which can be done with the aquarium air pump is use it as a source of power to power up a variety of underwater display and functional items like the scuba divers and the free flying UFO! You can also choose to power the bubble wall or the air stones with the air pump.

Such pumps are battery operated for continuous use even in the case of a power failure. Also, if you have an individual filter unit like the corner filter and under gravel filter, they would require an air pump for sure. Before you buy one randomly, decide the size and the volume of air inflow according to the size of your aquarium and number of fishes.

The aquarium air pump does not directly suck in oxygen but mainly works the dual purpose of increasing the surface are of water and improving circulation as already mentioned above. The more number of underwater articles you are running or intend on running using an air pump, the bigger you need to buy.

A useful piece of advice would be trying to keep your aquarium as clutter-free as possible. This will help the fish live longer and stay healthy. If you ever wondered that why do your fishes die so fast, this might well be the reason!

When picking up an aquarium air pump, opt for a little larger than what you actually deem as an OK size.

Points to Consider when choosing Air Pumps

A fish is a very delicate living being. Even the slightest agitations or noise can be a deathly blow for them. The sources of noise for the fishes are many, such as flow of water into and out of the aquarium, water surface agitator, air cum filter pumps, etc. Little do people realize that these are detrimental to a fish’s health. Therefore, the aquarium filter has to follow these guidelines:

  • Stay quiet
  • Break the surface of the water for better gas exchange
  • Aid in biological filtration by turning the ammonia waste from fishes to nitrates
  • Aid in chemical filtration by removal of strange odors and chemicals
  • Sterilize the water by killing algae and free-floating pathogens
  • Might help in heating the water in extremely cold conditions

Silent air aquarium pumps just do the needful by keeping the whole process of agitation and filtration pretty silent. These air pump cum filters are larger in size so that the whole water in the aquarium gets recycled and re-circulated only twice, rather than the water changing 4 to 5 times every hour.

This considerably reduces the noise caused due to the flow of water. Also, the exit bubble size is very less – that means greater surface area for water and least noise when the bubbles burst.

Understand and Buy!

Understand your fishes better and they will respond suitably by remaining healthy in your sparkling aquarium waters! The aquarium air pumps which come with the biological, chemical and mechanical filtration aids as well as the ones which provide sterilized water and heating for the fishes are pretty costly.

Very few of the fish keepers actually understand the importance of having a proper aeration in the aquarium. The dissolved oxygen in the aquarium water plays a vital role in deciding the type of flora and fauna which will grow apart from the regular marine life.

Rejuvenate your aquarium aquatic life using aquarium air pumps – preferably silent. You can choose from the following US brands like the Tetra Whisper air pump which is mainly for powering up underwater equipment.

The TetraTec deep water pumps are the more advanced aquarium air pumps which can be paired with protein skimmers and is only used in deep tanks.

A little care and precaution goes a long way in defining the aquatic life in your aquarium. The silent air aquarium air pumps are the way to go, who take their hobby a bit more seriously!

Which air Pump suitable for your Aquarium?

Choosing the right fish tank air pump for your aquarium or pond is critical to ensuring you maintain a healthy environment for your fish, turtles or other aquatic creatures.

A good fish tank air pump will ensure the water of an aquarium remains aerated, this vital to not only the survival of both marine and tropical fish, but also other aquatic creatures and plants you may keep in your aquarium.

There are now a huge number of air pumps to choose from to suit every size tank. There are externally mounted pumps which push air into the tank and internally mounted units which draw air into the tank, many now contain battery backups which are vital to ensure your pump keeps working even during power outages.

Choosing the correct fish tank air pump ensures your water circulates sufficiently to allow for proper, healthy gas exchange between the water and the air.

Air pumps can be used to enhance the look of the tank, some can give the appearance of juggling stones, others may open and close a clam shell or treasure chest whilst providing vital operations such as providing air to filters which are vital in maintaining the cleanliness and health of your aquarium.

You might ask what purpose do the air pumps serve?

Probably the 1st thing we think of is the wonderful bubbles they produce. These can be air forced through air stones which also produces aeration in the tank to help get rid of dioxides in the aquarium.

How the cascade of bubbles help set the atmosphere for the calming effect that aquariums have on us. They also have help from lighting and a diffuser.

But they are also used for more than decorations. They can be used to increase the surface area of the water by increasing circulation. This allows for better gas exchange. Which in turn:

  • Increases the oxygen level in the water.
  • Helps stabilize the pH level.
  • Improves water quality.

Air pumps can also be used to power such equipment as:

  • Protein Skimmers
  • Corner or Box Filters
  • Undergravel Filters
  • Sponge Filters
  • Action Ornaments
  • Ozonizers

You will probably agree that the air-pump is something that is necessary to maintaining a great fish observatory. But this does not mean that it has to be noisy to the point that it over-powers the tranquility you are trying to produce.

So why are the little pumps so noisy? For the answer to that we must look at how they work.

Most aquarium-air-pumps utilize an electromagnet which can cause a rapid vibration of a rubber diaphragm. This works well in moving air, however, it also creates noise while moving the air.

It comes down to the question of how do we oxygenate the water, produce all of the nice little soothing bubbles and run the filters and such and still reduce the noise?

To solve the problems, we must first look at choosing the right size unit for the size of the tank. There are no absolute rules for choosing an air-pump. You can go online and find pumps that are rated for different size tanks.

However, what if you are running extra equipment, such as an undergravel or sponge filter, or you are pushing air through air stones or bubble-wands. The size of stones you have also matters, larger stones will have more resistance than a smaller stone.

Maybe you do not have some of those items at present but are planning for some in the future. For that you would need to consider a pump with a larger volume capability.

You may be able to reduce the noise of the pump in the room where the aquarium-tank is located by having a somewhat larger capacity pump and locate it in another room.

For that you would need to use a longer input line to the tank.  Whichever way you decide I’m sure you will enjoy your own aquarium.


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